Why switch to cloth sanitary pads or period pants

Why switch to cloth sanitary pads or period pants?

Like all of our products, there’s 3 really good reasons why you should switch to cloth sanitary pads or period pants:

  • Better for the planet

  • Better for your pocket

  • Better for you


Cloth Sanitary Pads and Period Pants - eco-friendly period products, better for the environment

It goes without saying that reusable products are going to be better for the planet than disposable products.  Tampons and disposable sanitary products should always be binned, not flushed, but nevertheless they end up in our sewers, contributing to ‘fatbergs’ and creating marine pollution. 

Tampons and their applicators and cloth sanitary pads wash up on our beaches and end up in the stomachs of fish, turtles, sea birds and sea mammals.  It’s disgusting.

Even when disposed of correctly, many tampons and cloth sanitary pads are not biodegradable (or only biodegradable if composted!) so these end up in landfill, taking hundreds of years to decompose.

In addition, the resources used to create these products have a carbon footprint many, many times more than that of reusable pads over your  lifetime. By comparison, switching to cloth sanitary pads and / or period pants creates just ONE additional load of washing annually, if you have a 7kg washing machine.  We can live with that!

 Reusable period products save you money 

There are some crazy numbers out there for how much we spend on our periods monthly, with a UK MP recently quoting £500 annually (which included painkillers, chocolates because we’re feeling miserable etc).  However we think a much better estimate is between £5 and £10 monthly, depending on how heavy your periods are. That works out at between £60 and £120 annually.

If you spend the same amount on reusable period protection, there is of course an upfront cost, however once paid, you don’t have to spend any more.  If you bought TWO of our ‘KISS’ reusable period protection starter kits, that would cost you £80 and would be sufficient to kit you out for a good few years.  An investment purchase!

Cloth Sanitary Pads and Period Pants are more comfortable and easy to wear 

HUGE DISCLAIMER - some of what I’m going to cover here is based purely on our feedback from our customers and other cloth sanitary pad users.  We haven’t done a properly controlled scientific test on this and, as I don’t suffer from heavy periods myself, I can neither confirm nor deny the efficacy.    Feel free to read the reviews for yourself and decide.

At the most basic, cloth sanitary pads and period pants are more comfortable to wear than their disposable counterparts, 'fluffy vagina blankets' in fact.    They don’t have a sticky bit which can catch on your hair giving you an inadvertent bikini wax every time you move.  Assuming of course that you're of my generation and aren't waxed naked underneath!  They also won’t chafe or rub, and as such are brilliant for sports - no dangly tampon string to get caught between your legs either.

However many women report that moving to reusable period protection makes their periods lighter.  I'm not sure why this would be, again there is lots of anecdotal feedback out there and in our reviews.  In addition, people report being allergic to the chemicals in disposable pads, causing rashes and irritation.  Again, my periods would be classed as 'normal' so just a couple of heavier days and then a couple pf lighter days, but in honesty, I barely notice that I've got my period.  It just isn't an issue.

Hopefully this has given you some insight as to why you would want to swap to reusable period protection.  Now, just find out what you need in order to switch to cloth sanitary pads or period pants.  Or if this your first foray into Cheeky Pants?  Check out our 45 day Period Pants Trial Policy.


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