If bubs hasn’t arrived yet, we recommend that you buy the full washable baby wipes kit – even if you’re planning on using washable nappies.

Why? Well, to be brutally honest. I did use cloth nappies however quite a few of my friends tried washable nappies and didn’t continue for various reasons – too much hassle, no drying facilities etc. If you buy the full kit, then no matter what happens with your cloth nappies, you can still use your wipes because you’ll have the mucky wipes box and bag for out and about. And if you get on fine with your washable nappies, then you can use the mucky box as an additional soaking box, having one in the kitchen and one by the changing table for example.

Choose the statement that suits you best:

My baby is wearing disposable nappies

If you use disposable nappies, our full baby wipes kit is the one you need as it contains a mucky box and out and about bag which you’ll need for storing your mucky wipes. You can choose from cotton terry, bamboo, premium or organic cotton terry & velour for bums and faces.

My baby is wearing cloth nappies

If you’re already using cloth nappies and have a nappy bin (not everyone has!) then you’ll just need our mini kit. You might want to add an extra mucky out and about bag, depending on whether you have a nappy wet bag or not.  Again, choose from cotton terry, bamboo, premium or organic cotton terry & velour for bums and faces.

My baby will only use Cheeky Wipes for faces and hands.

If you’re only going to use Cheeky Wipes for faces and hands, then you should be fine with the hands & faces kit, because you won't need to soak poo-ey wipes - you can throw them directly into the washing machine. However we’d recommend that you go for microfibre, bamboo plush, cotton flannel or bamboo wipes which are supersoft for faces and hands.

Need help in choosing which wipes are best for you? Complete our wipes questionnaire for a tailored recommendation from our experts!


Kits - Suitability

Suitable forAll-in-one KitHands & Faces KitMini kit for Cloth Nappy Users*Weaning Kit**Toilet Paper Alternative Kit
Bum Wiping--
Hands & Faces Wiping-
Home Use
Out and about use--

*for customers using cloth nappies who already have a nappy bucket and wetbag
**for customers who already have all-in-one kit


Kits - Contents

ContentsAll-in-one KitHands & Faces KitMini kit for Cloth
Nappy Users
Weaning KitToilet Paper
Alternative Kit
Mucky Box---
Fresh Box
Fresh Wipes Out & About Bag--
Mucky Wipes Out & About Bag---
Mesh Wash Bag---
Fresh Wipes Oil-
Mucky Wipes Oil---
Number of wipes 25 25 25 25 50