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Want to know how reusable incontinence pants or pads work?

Firstly… don't suffer if you don't need to!

Seeing a pelvic floor physio can really help with incontinence, and using kegel weights like Secret Whispers allows you to rebuild strength and tone in your pelvic floor which you lose as you age or after childbirth.


What's the story behind Feeling Fearless pads & pants? 

Team Cheeky have recruited a specialist in continence to develop our range of incontinence pads. Penny Broderick has been a long time environmental campaigner, starting the UK Nappy Library Network back in 2008, encouraging the use of reusable nappies. In 2010 her autoimmune diseases took a turn for the worse and she found herself dealing with incontinence. The reusable pads available at that time weren’t suitable so over two years she designed pads that were high capacity but still extremely trim, shaped for continence rather than menstrual use, with bamboo charcoal fleece  to reduce odours, and non-wick wings to prevent damp thighs. 

Because Penny suffers with arthritis, she added a tab for easier unsnapping of the wings, and different size settings for different underwear styles. The pads were tested by an army of over 100 testers from an incontinence support group, to ensure maximum capacity and fast absorption.  Penny initially sold these through her own website Minivivi, however hand-making the pads to meet demand, whilst dealing with a serious illness proved a struggle.  Penny reached out to Team Cheeky and together we are proud to present our collaboration,  Feeling Fearless pads.


What's so special about Cheeky® Incontinence Pads?




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I can't get my head around using reusable protection for my incontinence control? 

Disposable period and incontinence products have a lot of nasty chemicals, dioxins and gels in them to make them more absorbent. The concept may be a bit 'ew' but using cloth pad protection is not only more comfortable, they are SO much more absorbent. The moisture is drawn into the pad leaving you feeling fresher for longer. PLUS, using cloth pads will cost a fraction of what you pay for disposables each month and will reduce the amount sent to sit in landfill each month. We're sold! Popper them into your pants label side down.

Cheeky® Fearless pads come in 4 sizes/levels of absorbency:

19cm -  Superlight (2 layer core)
20.5cm - Light (2 layer core)
28cm  - Medium (4 layer core)
33cm - Heavy (6 layer core)



Still got questions? Head over to our Incontinence FAQs to see if we can answer your question straight away. Or feel free to contact us, Jo and her team all use the pants and pads themselves and are always happy to help.