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Reusable Wipes in Childcare settings - benefits

How much could your childcare setting save by switching to reusable wipes?

Adopting reusables for the average childcare setting has been saving our customers hundreds of pounds a year vs usual average disposable spend and - dependent on your setting and number of children you have in your care - you can too. 

One recent happy customer at a nursery chain has gone from buying 250,000 wipes a year across all their sites to now just buying top ups of oil, saving £3000 to £5000 annually!

How many packs of disposable
wipes do you use weekly 
for hands & faces?*

Initial outlay to get you started   Annual Savings 
10 x packs of wipes weekly = £500.00pa

 £142.92** based on:

  • 250 reusable wipes
  • 1 x nappy pail
  • 1 x nappy pail liner
  • 1 x Fresh box 

1 room/large hall setting

Year 1 £357.08 

Year 2 £500.00

20 x packs of wipes weekly  =  £1000.00pa


 £285.63** based on:

  • 500 reusable wipes
  • 2 x nappy pails
  • 2 x nappy pail liners
  • 2 x Fresh boxes

 2 room setting 

Year 1 £714.17 

Year 2 £1000.00

50 packs of wipes weekly  = £2500.00pa

 £667.81** based on:

  • 1200 reusable wipes
  • 4 x nappy pails
  • 4 x nappy pail liners
  • 4 x Fresh boxes

4 room setting

Year 1 £1832.19

Year 2 £2500.00

100 packs of wipes weekly  = £5000.00pa

£1259.69** based on:

  • 2400 reusable wipes
  • 6 x nappy pails
  • 6 x nappy pail liners
  • 6 x Fresh boxes

6 room setting / nursery chain

Year 1 £3740.31

Year 2 £5000.00

  *Based on an average cost of £1.00/pack of 50 disposable wipes.  Setting opening 50 weeks of the year and washing wipes every 2 days

** Based on estimated total cost of equipment and wipes needed less 35% registered childcare provider discount for purchases over £50.  Wipes are rainbow cotton terry

One reusable wipe suits all

As sole provider of wipes (vs parents or carers contributing individually), you can rule out needing to accommodate different needs with different wipes.  These are the kindest, purest wipes option, created by a Mum with eczema, specifically to cater for sensitive skin.   Our soaking solutions or wet and wipe spray work brilliantly for setting up fresh wipes and storing dirties until wash time but all can be omitted if necessary and they still work brilliantly with plain tap water.

Reusable wipes do a brilliant job of cleaning - every time!

All of our customers across families or businesses like yours consistently report how much more effective they are at getting the job done. One Cheeky wipe vs 5 or 6 disposable wipes (and none of the faff of finding a packet of semi dried out wipes or going for one and getting the whole packet out where they’re stuck together!)

Sustainability as a setting selection criteria

Increasingly we’re seeing a demand (or certainly desire) amongst our customers who are Parents or Carers for help and inspiration in being more sustainable but also for the businesses they work with and pay for to take more ownership in doing that on their behalf; choosing to commit to reusable can indeed be a reason to choose your setting over others and many customers in a recent survey expressly stated that a setting with shared values and willingness to choose (and use) alternatives was a dealbreaker for them

You'll never run out of wipes

The ultimate benefit of reusable is…they’re reusable. Once you’ve bought and created your stash you’re never without. No last minute panic buying, no making-do with back up, just wash and go again. Not even any need to dry them first. Our team can give you great advice from our experience as to how many you might need based on washloads and children in your care so you know you have that stash sorted.

Ditch disposables, save on landfill

When you consider the number of nappy changes and hand and face cleaning moments per day, every day in your setting, that's a hugely significant amount of plastic waste that can be avoided. Since 2016 our reusable wipes have saved over 40m packs of disposables from landfill. We’d love you to help us increase that number even further.

Cloth wipes to aid child social and physical development

The softness and ease of use of our cloth wipes are great for potty training when accidents happen as well as for preschoolers learning about hygiene and body autonomy (or indeed generally as a Toilet Paper Alternative across the setting if you wanted to go further)

Flexible to your setting

Your setting and needs may well differ from others and we want to make this work for you otherwise, frankly, it won't stick. Working closely with you we will approach this on a tailored basis and learn as we go. Come on the journey with us!

Feed little minds

Many settings, who we’ve experienced ourselves as parents/carers, or have spoken to through work, have explored the theme of reusing and recycling with appropriate aged children at some point in time. Talking about this and then adopting practices, visibly to the children, that reinforce the theory help fuel these minds of the future to make reusables commonplace.

Helping parents make eco ambitions a reality

When your children are being cared for by others for a large part of a week, you want those people to be on board with the things that matter to you. By demonstrating your interest through take up, you help instill the belief that reusables are easy, convenient and possible so more families can make the switch.