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I spent a bit of time at the Headquarters of Southern Water recently. We've partnered with them to raise awareness that flushing wipes (even biodegradable wipes!) down toilets causes sewer blockages. Which apart from creating humongous fatbergs, is also hitting you all in the pocket because water companies have to cover the costs of clearing these blockages.

Believe it or not, they do analysis on these 'fatbergs' to try and track back exactly which brand / type of wipes are being thrown down the toilet. Which has GOT to be one of the grossest jobs imaginable. 

Anyway, the majority of the wipes which cause blockages are baby wipes, which you might have expected. But there's also a significant amount of cotton wool and makeup removing wipes being chucked down the loo.

To reiterate if you're unsure...the ONLY thing which should go down the loo are pee and poo and toilet roll if you haven't made the switch to using Cheeky Wipes as a toilet paper alternative.

If you haven't made the switch to using reusable makeup removing pads, then this is the month to try them.  At Cheeky Wipes HQ, we like to use them with our organic coconut oil, because even my sensitive, 40+ skin can tolerate coconut oil and it makes such a fantastic job of removing my mascara quickly and easily.  If you don't normally use an oil based cleanser, it's worth a try.  Makeup is generally oil based, so applying an oil based cleanser has the effect of just 'melting' your makeup, removing it gently and without tugging or rubbing.

I've never used makeup removing wipes (on a regular basis - that should probably say I've never BOUGHT makeup removing wipes).  A few times I've visited a friend and forgot to pack my coconut oil and used what was there.  But, my skin always felt super, duper clean.  TOO clean.  Like if you took a stainless steel cleaning pad to your car bonnet.  Sort of stripped.

I know I'm not alone in that feeling.  I know coconut oil cleansing isn't for everyone, but try it, you might like it!  I've also used an oily cleanser (Simple Cleansing oil was a impulse purchase one Saturday when visiting friends).   If you haven't used reusable makeup removing pads before, it;s really easy:


  • Just apply the cleanser directly to your face using your fingertips.
  • Massage it in gently.  Take your time.  Pay special attention to your eye area.  Rub it in like you're doing baby massage...gently, gently...
  • Run your hot cloth cleansing makeup removing pad under the hot tap.  Not TOO hot
  • Wipe the cleanser and makeup off our face.  Rinse and repeat.
  • Rinse once more under cold water and repeat again.  Your face should be shiny clean and soft.
  • Wash the pads with your next washload (I just chuck them into the dirty laundry basket which also lives in the bathroom)
  • Dry and ready for action again

This month, spend £30 on goods at and we'll give you 5 reusable makeup removing wipes FREE.

How to get your FREE reusable makeup removing pads!

Just ass £30 of goods to your basket (postage and packing don't count).