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Going Toilet Paper Free with Cheeky Wipes as Toilet Paper Alternative

15 CommentsTuesday, 11 March 2014  |  Admin

I've been thinking about going toilet paper free for a while - and now we're doing it!

I've seen a few blogs on it and chatted with a few people at baby shows and quite randomly decided to do something about it a couple of weeks back - after all I've got LOADS of Cheeky Wipes and I might as well put them to good use (aside from face & hand wiping after meal-times).

The set-up

I've got boxes of freshly made up Cheeky Wipes in the cloakroom downstairs and the bathroom upstairs - and a mucky box in each room (discreetly set to the side / rear of the toilet).  There IS toilet paper for guests, aside from anything else, I can cope with washing my own family wipes, but not anyone elses!

Every other day or so, when I've got a wash going on, I gather up the mucky wipes, bung them into the machine and change the solutions in both boxes / make some fresh wipes up.

The pro's

  • Leaves you feeling properly fresh and clean (no wee bits of toilet paper stuck in lady bits, yuck!)
  • Great for hairy bums and messy poo's!
  • Eco-friendly, great if you've got a septic tank or eco sewage system
  • Easy - no smell (really) no hassle as the washing machine is going on anyway.
  • Money saving.  My family get through 16 rolls of toilet paper a month (lots of small children!), even with own brand that's about £8 monthly.  The extra washing is about 50 wipes per week (500 grams) so with a 7kg washing machine, that's only one extra load of washing per month at about 25p.  Should save me £100 a year ish - but I've already got the wipes.

The Con's

  • Forgetful children dropping the dirty wipe down the toilet
  • Other people think it's gross (but no-one is asking them to do it!)
  • Remembering to make up the clean wipes (although we now have a stash of clean, dry wipes in both toilets, which can be wet under the tap for use in emergencies)

All in all, it has been surprisingly easy to switch to being a TP Free household.  Maybe because we were already happy to use Cheeky Wipes for nappy changing and mealtime clean ups anyway.

What do you think - is this something you would consider or is it WAY too gross?  Let us know.


Wednesday, 19 March 2014  |  9:17

We have been using family wipes for almost 12 months problems apart from the occasional guest having a moan! Means my 3yo can wipe his own bottom :)

Laura B
Wednesday, 19 March 2014  |  10:50

I would definately consider it and think my daughter would adapt easily but suspect hubby would veto the idea!! Mind you I never thought he'd use reusable nappies / wipes...

Anna Hale
Tuesday, 1 July 2014  |  20:10

Quick question - do you feel wet after using them?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014  |  7:55

If I use them for a wee I often just use a dry one (the flannel ones are fine to use dry) but it's actually quite nice using a wet one after a poo, leaves you feeling much cleaner!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014  |  14:36

Although hubby was initially sceptical he agreed to a weekend trial - that was almost 3mths ago! I know some people might consider it a bit gross but honestly there's no need to handle the used wipes & the whole process is very quick & simple. We feel fresher & cleaner AND it's better for the planet & our pockets! I recommend a trial - you won't go back!! ��

Judith Scholes
Tuesday, 19 August 2014  |  11:35

Do you use the same wipes for baby bums, hands and faces, and family wipes? I'm not convinced about mixing them all up! I suppose I could have a different colour for family wipes...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014  |  7:44

We do Judith - we just wash twice a week in dettol anti-bac washing liquid and it is dead easy. Honestly!

Saturday, 20 October 2018  |  16:37

Been using for over 6 months and feel much cleaner than with loo roll.

Jay Blackburn
Monday, 23 March 2020  |  12:24

I do not understand how you see them ? I use around 4 - 5 sheets of TP, First is 2 pieces thickness takes an amount, 3rd cleans it up, 4th and 5th polish ! And that may not be all .
So am I meant to use 3 wipes ? That seems a lot of wipes. ?

Monday, 23 March 2020  |  14:51

Unlike toilet paper, these are thicker and therefore make cleaning up much easier. I rarely use more than one wipe. Unless it's a particularly messy poo. :-)

Jay Blackburn
Tuesday, 24 March 2020  |  14:13

Ah Ha I think Im getting it now ! Use it just like a baby wipe up. Of course its much larger and unlike TP it is designed to clean up - not for writing letters on ! I have been so helped by the admin here. It has to be the most efficient site on the whole net!
Well I think its time to give it a go - I empty caravan toilets OK cant be worse than that !
Thank you Cheeky