Another Rubbish Competition

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Another Rubbish Competition?

I'm lucky to live by the sea and really enjoy walking my dog along the seafront, especially when it's windy like today.  I'll often pick up pieces of rubbish in my path, but today a whole carrier bag blew past me, so I caught it and started to fill it.   What a revelation!

There were loads of plastic bottles and pieces of rope which I guess are fishing net.  But there were also loads of wipes!  I picked up 6 which have obviously been washed up from the sea and then blown inland a little bit.  I knew that wipes were a big problem in the sea, but actually finding so many as a percentage of the crap that I collected was a bit of an eye-opener.

 I had a 'lightbulb' moment today though.  'Cheeky Wipes has got 50,000 followers across social media.  If every single one of them picked up just 3 pieces of rubbish in a day, that would be 150,000 pieces of rubbish in a day.  Over a year, that's 54 MILLION pieces of rubbish. Wouldn't that be incredible?'


So that's my idea.  What's in it for you?  Well, you get to polish your halo because you're helping clean up our environment. angel

Plus, each week, we're going to run #anotherrubbishcompetition, giving away a prize to anyone who picks up their three pieces of rubbish a day - and lets us know.  You can let us know by commenting on our FB posts, or tagging us in your FB post, or tweeting about it, or sharing a pic of your catch of the day on Insta!  

One winner will be picked at random across all our social media channels each Friday at 10am GMT.  We'll share the winners online.  This week, our winner will receive a £50 Cheeky Wipes voucher to spend on our range of cloth baby wipes kits, reusable make-up removing pads, cloth sanitary pads, or NEW period pants.

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