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A Cheeky Wipes all-in-one kit : the perfect new baby, baby shower or hospital bag gift

We've always been pretty proud of the all in one wipes kits we've created and it seems - from the number of you who buy them - you're loving them too.


Simple to use.

Intuitive in design.

Everything you need - whether cloth or disposable nappy user.

And - crucially - at an affordable price.

In fact, we even know you'll make your money back within 6 weeks (vs buying regular high street disposable wipes options) and we're so sure you'll love them that we offer 45 days to trial and send back in full to get a complete refund if you don't agree. Not bad, hey?

But have you thought about buying one for a gift before?

We've recently had so many great reviews from happy customers who have bought for others or for whom our kits have become their go-to gift and we thought that was such a great idea more of you should have it on your radar.

Have a read what they say :

"Great quality wipes - a starter kit is now the present of choice for all my family’s first time parents!!"


"I’ve been telling everyone about these! I don’t know why people would use disposable wipes when these are such a great alternative! Once we start weaning I imagine we will be back to buy some more for face and hands! Thank you cheeky wipes!!!"


"We are loving the wipes. They’re saving us a fortune in disposable wipes and of course are much better for the planet too. Your products are now my go-to baby gift for friends. Please keep up the good work. I hope your business continues to thrive - it’s definitely not easy for anyone right now but you guys are doing everything right and I wish you all the best. I’ll be doing my bit to get more business for you."

NICE clinical excellence guidelines (the industry standard for midwives and doctors) recommend using just water for wiping your baby for the first 6 weeks of their life, hence they recommend cotton wool and water rather than disposable wipes from Day 1.
But no need to faff about with cotton wool that sticks and doesn't really keep your hands away from the explosions (sorry babies, but they usually are!)
Use Cheeky Wipes from newborn with just a small adjustment; we recommend you don't use the fresh wipes oil that comes with it at this point; just plain tap water to soak 10 wipes (or 1 day's worth) at a time. That way they're ready to use but not likely to go musty (the reason we include the lavender and chamomile oil otherwise, to preserve them).
You can still use the teatree and lemon mucky oil solution in the mucky box as this won't touch baby's skin and is only to prevent smells pre wash.

We'd love to hear what your friends or family say if you do decide to.......x