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Best Baby Wipes of 2022

Baby wipes are an essential for nappy changes in the early days, but if you are already a parent you will be fully aware that it doesn’t stop there. Wipes are also used for sticky fingers, spilled drinks, and those unwanted nappy explosions. 

Wipes have developed majorly over the years, there are many different brands out there, different scents and benefits. As many of you will know, at Cheeky Wipes we like to keep things eco friendly which is why we wanted to talk to you about our reusable baby wipes and why we consider them to be the best baby wipes you should be using. 


Wipes for Bums, Hands & Faces

Our wipes are made from ‘zero twist’ cotton which is a lot softer, making them ideal for bums, hands and faces. 


All of our wipes are durable and strong and have a good ‘traction’ for cleaning poo, which is always handy! 


Microfibre Wipes

Our range of reusable microfibre wipes are perfect for cleaning mucky hands and faces, they can also be used for cleaning wee from bottoms, however we don’t recommend using them for poo. Like the ‘zero twist’ cotton wipes these microfibre wipes are durable and strong. 


You can buy a rainbow pack of 10 or 25, containing mixed colours (aqua, yellow, blue, mauve & pink.) 


Bamboo Plush Wipes 

Bamboo plush wipes come in a variety of designs, which is definitely one of the reasons we love them so much! But as well as this they are amazing for hands and faces, the bamboo side is not as grippy as our bamboo terry on poo, but is great for wee! The wipes are double sided, with bamboo viscose on one side and a soft plush on the other.


Washing Baby Wipes

When it comes to washing the wipes we recommend machine washing them at 40C*, and then simply re-soak them in one of our fresh baby wipes containers with water and essential oil soaking solution and then they are ready to be reused.


We do hope the above has given you an insight to our baby wipes, but if you do need help in choosing which wipes are best for you, then complete our cloth wipes questionnaire for a tailored recommendation from our team.