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Best Maternity Underwear 2024

Pregnancy is a beautiful, albeit challenging journey, and finding the right maternity underwear as part of your maternity wardrobe can make a huge world of difference. 

What is Maternity Underwear?

Maternity underwear is specifically designed for pregnant women to provide extra support and comfort during pregnancy, adapting to your changing body. Your regular underwear may no longer fit and maternity undies can provide additional comfort and support.

Especially towards the end of pregnancy you may find you have more discharge than usual which is your body's way of protecting you and your baby from infection. At this point you may find that you need to wear a pad or absorbent undies which are moisture wicking to absorb this discharge.

All maternity pants feature stretchy, breathable materials and may come in various styles to accommodate your growing bump at different stages of pregnancy.

Whether you opt for over-bump support for that snug feeling or prefer under-bump styles that sit gently below your tummy, the right pair can help you feel supported and confident.

From high-waisted designs to seamless and mesh variants, let’s explore the different types of maternity underwear available and why choosing the right one matters for your comfort and health.

Best Maternity Underwear 2024

We've selected each of these choices based on their material quality, comfort level, absorbency and user reviews.

Cheeky Sleek Maternity Underwear

Best Overall Maternity Pants: Cheeky Sleek Seamless

Cheeky Sleek are seamless and super stretchy mid rise which makes them perfect for your growing belly! Because they have 4 layer absorbency, you'll also find them suitable for the end of pregnancy and postpartum wear. Top tip: these are generously sized, so you shouldn't need to size up to accommodate your bump.

Material: Nylon / Cotton / Elastane

Absorbency: Yes, these have absorbency in the gusset so are suitable towards the end of pregnancy or week 3 onwards postpartum.

Design: High-waisted, but will sit mid-rise on your bump

Size: Size 4 / 6 to 22 / 24

Price: £11.99 (multibuy offers available)

Customer Reviews: "Unfailingly brilliant products. The undies and pads have taken me through menstruation pregnancy and postpartum and MS incontinence.

The wipes kits are brilliant for baby and adult alike. The soak bucket is genius. And the clean/mucky boxes and bags make life so much simpler and less full of single use wipes and plastic. I've found d the lack of rubbish touching my skin better too.

The pads I first bought are still going strong and the knickers are used everyday due to continence." Trustpilot Review

Lindex Maternity briefs

Best Overbump Maternity Underwear: Lindex

Lindex maternity briefs are a good price and come in a two pack. Customers love the extra high rise design of these over bump maternity knickers.  Not suitable for postpartum use without a pad.

Material: Not specified

Absorbency: None

Design: Super High-waisted, will sit just under your boobs!

Size: Size 10 / 12 to 22 / 24

Price: £14.99 for pack of two

Customer Reviews: "Sooooo beautiful. Is 157 cm tall and the panties go over the stomach just below the breasts. So soft, stretchy and comfortable. Bought several pairs. Recommended! " Product Review

Cheeky sporty under bump maternity briefs

Best Under Bump Maternity Underwear: Cheeky Sporty

Don't be put off by the name!  Cheeky Sporty Pants are made from cotton or organic cotton and have built in absorbency. They'll will fit snugly under your bump and as they have absorbency from the front to rear waistband, they can be used post partum too. Plus they come in an organic cotton option too. Tip: Size up!

Material: Organic Cotton / Cotton / Elastane

Absorbency: Yes, these come in regular or heavy absorbency and the absorbent area runs from front to rear waistband.

Design: Low rise bikini style to sit under bump

Size: Size 4 / 6 to 22 / 24

Price: From £10.49 per pair. Multibuy offers available.

Customer Reviews: "Ordered a size 12-14 for post-natal use and am happy happy (only issue being you can't check the colour so I'm mixing it up with a disposable pad once a day too). I'm normally a size 8 but found the 8-10 quite tight so later ordered 10-12 for monthly use. These pants work really well and once you find the right size they fit nicely!" Product Review

Simply Be Maternity Shorts

Best Plus Size Maternity Underwear: Simply Be Maternity Shorts

These maternity shorts from Simply Be are available right up to size 32 / 34 and can be worn as underwear or standlone maternity clothes. As they're shorts, they'll minimise thigh rubbing too. However they don't contain any absorbency, so aren't suitable for postpartum use without a pad.

Material: Polyester / Cotton

Absorbency: None

Design: Super high-waisted over bump shorts.

Size: Size 4 / 6 to 22 / 24

Price: £29 for two pairs

Customer Reviews: "Ideal for my daughter who is expecting, she is going away this month and they will be perfect for her around the pool"

Cheeky Maternity Support Underwear

Best Support Maternity Underwear: Cheeky Maternity Support

Cheeky maternity support pants are extra high rise plus have built in absorbency. This makes them ideal pregnancy underwear for towards the end of your pregnancy or for additional support postpartum, particularly if you have a C-section. Tip: Size up!

Material: Nylon / Cotton / Elastane

Absorbency: 4 layer absorbency which reaches to where a 'normal' waistband' would reach.

Design: High-waisted, will reach mid bump.

Size: Size 4 / 6 to 22 / 24

Price: £8.50 per pair

Customer Reviews: "Another great pair of period pants, love the fact that they come in so many different styles including these, suitable post-partum too. Wash well (don't forget to wash at 30, I think I managed to accidentally ruin a previous pair by washing often at 40/letting the hubby put the wash on!) and feel really comfy." Product Review

H&M Maternity Underwear

Best High St Maternity Underwear: H&M Mama Maternity Briefs

These super popular hipster style maternity briefs come as a great value 5 pack and are designed to sit neatly under your bump. No absorbency though so only suitable for postpartum use with a maternity pad.

Material: Cotton / Elastane / Viscose

Absorbency: None

Design: Under bump, hipster style

Size: Size S to XXL

Price: £12.99 for 5 pairs

Customer Reviews: "I love these. My pre-pregnancy size was a small, so I went for small again. They don't roll down under my bump like my pre-pregnancy knickers do (I'm 25 wks now). They sit nicely just under my bump, so I think they will be comfortable in my 3rd trimester. I bought the 5 pack in black previously and was waiting for more to come out in a variety of colours, so I got these. Very happy with them." Product Review

Modibodi Maternity briefs

Best Designer Maternity Underwear: Modibodi Maternity Briefs

Modibodi are the Australian online period pants specialists and their maternity briefs are specially designed to sit comfortably under your bump. Made from breathable fabric too, these are a good investment buy for the end of your pregnancy.

Material: Bamboo Viscose

Absorbency: From front to rear waistband, so suitable as postpartum underwear also

Design: Under bump, hipster style.

Size: Size 10 to 18

Price: £24.50 for 1 pair of maternity briefs

Customer Reviews: "Amazing!! These fit so comfortably. I'm normally an 8/M in the US, but I purchased the 12/M based on the sizing chart, and they fit perfectly! They sit lower in the front. I love how they fit, and I'm not pregnant or postpartum. Very absorbent!! I would love to buy more when they come back in stock!!"


Choosing the right maternity underwear isn't about fashion; it's about feeling good in yourself and taking care of your body during one of the most physically demanding times of your life.

For more tips on maternity care or to browse our extensive collection, visit our website or get in touch with our friendly team. We’re here to support you on your journey to motherhood. Share your experiences or ask questions in the comments below—we love hearing from you!





We hope you've found this helpful, but if you've got any further questions at all about postpartum protection or maternity pads, please do contact us. The team all use the products themselves and love to chat pee, poo and periods all day long! We've also got some further reading that you may be interested in: 

About the Author: Helen Rankin founded Cheeky Wipes, the original reusable wipes kit back in 2008 after disposable wipes caused her eczema to flare up. 4 kids later, she went on to develop their range of 'Simple Reusables' to include period pants, reusable period kits and reusable incontinence pants. Both she and the rest of the leadership team are now navigating menopause, with all the joys it brings!