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Want the best period pants or pads for teens, tweens & children?

Give your eco conscious teen security and confidence with the best reusable period pants

When my teen started her periods she would find herself in class knowing she needed to get to the toilets to change. She was so nervous to smuggle rustling, obvious disposable pads or tampons out of her bag and up her sleeve that she would rather sit and leak than draw attention to herself! By changing to reusables with pants that lasted all or most of the day with the addition of a soft plush pad, and pretty little wetbags that fit everything she needed but looked like a make up bag or pencil case we removed this worry completely. She now feels safe and confident when she is due on! She can even wear the pants in the days leading up to her period so there is no emergency rush to the loos!

Hitting puberty, changing bodies, waiting for your first period, dreading it for early starters, hoping for it to arrive for late bloomers - are all part of growing up.  First periods can be confusing and are a lot to deal with for some, there is a steep learning curve and navigating the first few periods can be a challenge for parents too!

There are lots of resources out there to help start conversations with your tweens, I found this book really helpful for my twins - Whats Happening to Me? Youngsters who start menstruating whilst still in Primary school can find it complicated and hard to manage when using disposables. They can be obvious to others if spotted in a school bag, noisy to open and remove and primary schools don’t always seem to be set up ready with sanitary bins in the toilet stalls so girls are forced to have to leave the stall to find a bin.

Period Pants for children

Being able to pop on a pair of period knickers in the morning can alleviate some of the embarrassment this normal milestone can bring. I have been answering the period questionnaires at Cheeky Wipes for the last year and get lots of mums asking for help with their daughters - many as young as 8 yrs old - who are needing solutions to coping with their periods especially on school days with limited toilet breaks.

I give advice to those expecting to need supplies any time soon who want an eco friendly solution from the get go, to those with daughters who have started their periods and are struggling to cope with disposable products and want to be able to wear pants and forget about it, and those with girls who have heavy flow and need the extra security that reusables can bring.

Period Pants for teens and tweens

Teens & Tweens are really switched on about our environmental crisis and Greta Thunberg has had a powerful impact on our youth. More teenagers are opting for sustainable protection from their first period, or switching when they learn of the impact on our landfill sites or the incredible length of time it takes for tampon applicators and disposable pads to degrade (500 yrs!)

First Period Starter Kit - Reusable period pants & pads for your child, teen or tween

We have a range of kits that can be bought in preparation or for emergencies - a first period kit, to which you can add a wheat heat bag or some reusable make up wipes and coconut oil.

It is great to have one of these ready at home or in a school bag, to familiarise themselves with what might be needed and to try them out.  All of our period knickers can be worn with a reusable pad if changing them would be a pain, this can then be whipped out at lunchtime and stored in a wetbag, then they can continue on in the pants alone.

Our single mini wetbags are discreet, they easily fit a change of pants or a pad and will be indistinguishable to the untrained eye from a pencil case! 

Across the board teens seem to reach for black pants. So we have listened and black is available in all of our styles. Our pants have a cooling cotton layer next to the skin that wicks moisture away into a hidden absorbent layer, next is a paper thin water proof layer, and the outer is either jersey cotton or silky nylon. They look and feel no different to the average pair of pants.

Plus size period pants

Our period pants come in adult size 4-24 and we use the M&S size guide for people to work out which size they may need. We also have measurements of the unstretched pants on each page and advice on how to work out the best size to go for.

Best period pants for children, teens and tweens

Feeling Sporty look and feel like ‘normal’ bikini briefs. Made with a jersey outer they are discreet under a leotard, great for sports, no chafing or irritation!  They also come in an extra absorbency option, if you're looking for period knickers for heavy flow.

Feeling Free have fuller coverage and are great under school skirts, they have the ‘old gym knicker’ vibe to them with their jersey outer!

Feeling Pretty are a mid rise pair with a lovely lace detail on the waist and are a satin feel. They come in a range of colours.

Feeling Cosy - period shorts perfect for teens, tweens and children

Feeling Cosy period shorts are perfect for days where you want to curl up with a hot water bottle and even have a pocket on the front for a wheat bag!

Feeling Fearless heavy flow period pants are a must as for teenagers with heavy periods as they have more absorbency, these are also great for overnight and if changing at school is tricky, these can last the whole day if needed!

For tweens who are early starters, we have a range of Kids underwear in ages 3-4 up to 9-10. These are a great alternative for those who aren’t into adult sizing yet. They are designed for little bladder accidents but as with all our underwear can be used for periods or pee!

Experiencing your body changing is such a journey and some young people find this overwhelming. Being able to reach for something that makes you feel secure and protected but isn’t too new and unfamiliar is reassuring for tweens and their mums.