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Best Travel Changing Mats 2023

It's that time of year and hopefully you're looking forward to a well earned break.

I would say 'rest' but holidays with children are rarely restful!

If this is your first trip away with your little one, you may well be thinking of investing in a travel change mat.

At home you may prefer an anti roll wedge type mat with raised sides or even the shnuggle squishy baby changing mat, but they aren't very portable!

Baby travel changing mats are brilliant to have on hand anyway as they're so versatile. If it rolls or folds, you can pop it in your changing bag for occasions when you don't have a changing table nearby. Or there is a changing table but it's plastic and going to be cold. Or possibly cold and manky.

With a new baby, we know that your time is short, so we've scoured the internet to compile a list for you. Here's our list of the best travel change mats 2023:

Bambino Mio on The Move - Change Mat Review

On the Move Change Mat - Bambino Mio

These cute change mats come in a range of different designs so there's sure to be one you'll love. This classic travel change mat has a polyester terry reverse so it's soft on your baby's bum, plus it's slightly padded too. Best of all it folds down and poppers closed for easy transporting.

Size: Only the folded dimensions seem to be available which is 4cm x 15cm x 21cm. 

Washing Instructions: Machine washable

Material: 100% Polyester / Terry

Price: £13.99

Customer Review (Amazon): "I needed a changing mat that would fit in a toddler size backpack and this was the only one that I could find at a reasonable price which would fit.

It folds up to the size of A5 paper (can be folded again if needed) and it’s very light. The changing surface is really soft, and the outer patterned surface is waterproof. My only criticism is that the changing surface is not a wipe down surface so if it gets dirty it needs to be laundered so you may need to buy a couple."

Shop Cheeky XL Travel Change Mats - Review

Cheeky XL Portable Travel Change Mat

This extra large travel change mat is a multi purpose marvel. Brilliant for nappy free time, picnic blanket, as an emergency waterproof sheet, baby massage classes and of course changing nappies.   With a popper closure, it rolls up to easily fit in your baby changing bag too.  It's 100% waterproof, and unbelievably it can absorb a PINT of water.

Made from waterproof bamboo & plush material, it's warm and comfortable for your baby.  Available in 8 delightful designs and in this XL size, it's perfect for even the biggest wriggly baby!

Size: 90cm x 72cm

Washing Instructions: Machine washable

Material: Waterproof plush & bamboo terry

Price: £15.99

Customer Review: "Really big and soft. Poppers are a nice addition to keep it folded. We have three and they are big enough for our two year olds as well as snuggly for our newborn."

Bambino Mio Swim Change Mat

Swim Change Mat - Bambino Mio

Another option from Bambino Mio. This swim change mat solves the problem of how to change your baby after swimming lessons. It rolls up too for easy carrying. 

Made from cushiony, waterproof neoprene, this shakes off sand too which is a bonus. And it's 100% waterproof and easy to wipe clean. Available in two different designs. Not the biggest change mat we have come across, but quite functional.

Size: 30cm x 58cm

Washing Instructions: Machine washable

Material: Base: 100% chloroprene, Face: 100% polyester

Price: £13.99

Customer Review (Amazon): "Well the quality is top, but the size is a little bit small for us especially the width. Other then that the material and quality is very good"

JojoMamanBebe Deluxe Portable Change Mat - Review

Deluxe Portable Change Mat - JojoMamanBebe

This deluxe portable change mat includes two handy pocket for disposable wipes and a couple of nappies. Only available in one design. It folds closed but frustratingly doesn't say what size it is when opened anywhere!  Also made from 100% polyester with PVC coating, the waterproof surface may be cold on bums.

Size: Not specified

Washing Instructions: Wipe clean

Material: 100% polyester with PVC coating

Price: £20

Customer Review: None available.

Kaos Diaper Clutch - Review

Kaos Diaper Clutch

This stylish travel change mat doubles as a quick change carry all, with space for wipes and nappies too. It's a padded change mat, though it may be cold on bottoms as the laying area is made from recycled PET. Great for the environment though!

Size: 75cm x 31cm

Washing Instructions: Wipe clean

Material:  Recycled PET

Price: £32

Customer Review: "I love this diaper clutch it's always in my bag when I go out with my baby"

Little Lamb - Magic Foldaway Travel Change Mat - Review

Magic Foldaway Travel Mat - Little Lamb

The magic foldaway travel mat comes in 4 colours and one design and with a minky inner and polyester outer, it will be supersoft on your baby's bum. It has a handy foldaway popper handle too, which makes it easy to roll / fold and go.

Size: 75cm x 45cm

Washing Instructions: Machine Washable

Material:  100% polyester PUL outer

100% super soft polyester minky inner

Price: £14.99

Customer Review: "This mat is a staple of our changing bag and for use around the home. It is comfortable for our newborn and folds away easily. Definitely recommended."

Kumla Cotton Muslin Change Mat

Kumla 100% cotton muslin travel change mat - La Redoute

This cotton muslin change mat is unique in that's it's has a 100% cotton muslin outer, cotton terry inner, so will get softer each time you wash it. It's available in 3 colours and will be warm and soft for your baby's bum.  With a button closure, it will be easy to pack too.  Decent size but not waterproof.

Size: 70cm x 44cm

Washing Instructions: Machine Washable

Material:  Outer in 100% cotton muslin, White pure cotton terry interior, Filling 100% polyester

Price: £22.00

Customer Review: "This portable changing mat is very practical, but it's a shame that it is not waterproof. It is also very pretty!"

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