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How crunchy are you?

How crunchy are you?


Have you heard the term 'crunchy'?  The lovely Claire from My Little Patch introduced me to the term and it's basically crunchy as in granola crunching hippy / earth mother type. The Urban dictionary says

Adjective. Used to describe persons who have adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons. Crunchy persons tend to be politically strongly left-leaning and may be additionally but not exclusively categorized as vegetarians, vegans, eco-tarians, conservationists, environmentalists, neo-hippies, tree huggers, nature enthusiasts, etc. 


The original quiz is here (and if you're interested I scored 67 and was 'pretty crispy') but I thought it would be fun to do a similar quiz using Cheeky Wipes usage.....So here goes.

1) Do you use Cheeky Wipes when changing your baby's nappy?

  • a) Yes, all the time for poo and wee
  • b) Yes, most of the time but not when I'm out and about
  • c) Only for wee
  • d) No, I don't use Cheeky Wipes on bums

2) Do you use Cheeky Wipes with cloth or disposable nappies?

  • a) Yes, we just chuck our Cheeky Wipes in with our cloth nappies we use our Cheeky Wipes with disposable nappies and love them!
  • b) Yes, we use our Cheeky Wipes with disposable nappies and love them! 
  • c) No, our baby is out of nappies, but we still use our Cheeky Wipes for hands & faces
  • d) No, we don't use Cheeky Wipes for bums 

3) Do you use Cheeky Wipes for cleaning up after mealtimes?

  • a) Yes, all the time for hands & faces and table too!
  • b) Yes, but not when we're out and about 
  • c) Yes, sometimes
  • d) No, I don't use Cheeky Wipes for hands & faces

4) Have you used your Cheeky Wipes on holiday?

  • a) Yes, we've taken Cheeky Wipes on a 3 month tour of asia, wouldn't be without them!
  • b) Yes, we've taken our Cheeky Wipes camping, wouldn't be without them!
  • c) Yes, we've taken our Cheeky Wipes on holiday to a hotel or apartment, wouldn't be without them!
  • d) Yes, we've taken our Cheeky Wipes to stay with family or friends, wouldn't be without them!

5) How many people have you recommended Cheeky Wipes to? 

  • a) More than 10
  • b) 5 - 10
  • c) Up to 5
  • d) None

6) Score two points for each of these alternative uses for Cheeky Wipes which you've tried!

  • a) Cleaning dog / bird poo off you or your child when out and about
  • b) Dealing with a 'code brown' poo in pants when potty training
  • c)  Clearing up car sickness
  • d) Clearing up air sickness
  • e) Alternative to toilet paper for adults
  • f) Festival Wipes (no more shower queuing!)
  • g) Dog foot wipes after walkies
  • h)  Cleaning a dummy or toy dropped on the ground
  • i) general anti-bacterial wiping when kids are poorly
  • j) first aid wipes for cuts and scrapes
  • k) Cooling fever wipes
  • l) Cooling chicken pox wipes to ease that itch 
  • m) gently soothing your post-birth lady bits
  • n) cleaning up post-coitally! 
  • o) removing your make-up 


Now tally up your score.  For questions 1 - 5 score 4 points for every a, 3 points for every b, 2 points for every c, 1 point for every d.

For question 6, score 2 points for each of alternative use for Cheeky Wipes that you've tried.

So, how crunchy are you? 

35 - 50 - Wow super duper crunchy tooth breaking! We LOVE you eco-warriors...

20 - 35 -  Admirably crunchy, you like your Cheeky Wipes for more than just bums.  We salute you!

10 - 20 - You're a crumble rather than a crunchy...but every time you use a Cheeky Wipe you're doing your bit for the environment, so well done.

0 - 10 - You're a wibbly wobbly jelly - try switching to Cheeky Wipes for a bit more crunchiness which will save you money and be kind to your baby's skin too.