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Wank Wipes?

DISCLAIMER: If you're easily offended...LOOK AWAY NOW!

At Cheeky Wipes, we're used to talking bodily functions, whether that's nappy changing, adult bum wiping, periods, we're not prudish.

We're also Mums to teenage boys.

And chatting last night over a glass of wine, we realised that at least some of our teenage sons were using Cheeky Wipes after, ahem, a sneaky you know what....

Which is great.  If they've got a penis, it's there to be played with (and probably has been since they were toddlers and could reach down with their chubby little fists to grab it).  Tissues will absolutely do the job and are a much better alternative than other options... creating crusty bedclothes, socks, even bedroom curtains. Teenage boys are minging, let's be fair.

Having given it some thought, we think that our rainbow bamboo velour wipes would be the best option...

What do you think?

29 September 2017  |  22:39

They'd need to be put somewhere "neutral" once used. Maybe a communal wet box in the bathroom? I don't think my son would use them if he had to leave any "evidence". But why not, eh? We're all enlightened these days, right?! ;) *swigs wine because she can't believe she's even thinking about this* :')

01 October 2017  |  6:24

I think they could just be chucked into the dirty laundry?

I know what you mean...but they will do it anyway!

30 September 2017  |  23:47

I think the white ones would be better!!! 😂