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Buying for Baby - What do you really need for baby no 2?

With baby no4 due in a couple of months, and the Excel baby show coming up, I thought it was about time that I mentally reviewed our baby equipment situation. After all, if there is anything I *need* then it makes sense to take advantage of the offers which abound at the show.
If you're due to have another baby, you've probably got the essentials already: cot, pram, car seat, feeding equipment, and a travel cot. So what else do you actually need?
Well depending on how old your first child is, you'll need some form of transport. Options range from double buggies (I love my nipper out and about, but it's massive!), or keep your existing buggy and add a buggy board if your child is slightly older. Alternatively, keep your older child in the buggy and just use a sling for the littl'un. I used a combo of double buggy / existing pram and sling depending on where I was going, how far it was and whether they would have space for my buggy or not when I got there!
Slings aren't just useful when you're out and about though. I called my Kari-me sling my 'hands-free' kit for bubs no3 as there was no way I could get anything done otherwise. It was a real life-saver and super comfy to wear around the house too.
Of course you'll need more teeny tiny nappies (cloth or disposable) and if you're using Cheeky Wipes it's probably worth investing in some additional wipes so that you've got plenty on hand for those newborn poo's.
Nice to have's
I think pretty much everything else falls into the 'nice to have' list. Top of this list is one of the fabulous breastfeeding scarves from Mamascarf which not only allows you to feed more discreetly (without tucking a muslin into your bra strap which is what I've done until now!) but also supports the baby.
Next, some new baby-gro's and vests as the old ones are a bit tired now. And I think I really want one of the fabulous baby blankets from My Little Patch, I've got my eye on a lovely spotted flannelette and plush one which is just gorgeous.
Lastly, I might just treat bubs to some of the lovely Baby Shampoo from Burts Bees which is just gorgeous, so lovely to use on their super-soft skin and just yummy smelling without being overpowering.
Have I missed anything? Let me know if I have!