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Can I use cheeky wipes with cloth or disposable nappies

FAQ's:  I'm not sure whether I'll use cloth or disposable nappies, can I still use Cheeky Wipes?

The easy answer is YES!

One of the things which makes the Cheeky Wipes kit unique is that you can use with with cloth OR disposable nappies.  I was a cloth bum mum to my 2 eldest boys, but with the younger girls it was more like 50 / 50 (I had 4 children and a business to run by then, you take help wherever you can!).

Nonetheless, I used Cheeky Wipes throughout, no matter which nappy I used.  When we cloth bummed, we chucked our mucky wipes in with the nappies.  When we went disposable, we used our mucky box.  Easy.

And now that my children are out of nappies, we still use our Cheeky Wipes for hand & face wiping at mealtimes (and have recently introduced them as a toilet paper alternative, which is going amazingly well!)

If you *think* you're going to use cloth nappies but haven't started using them yet, we'd always recommend going for the full kit.  That way, no matter how you get on with your cloth nappies, you can still use Cheeky Wipes (and if you do go for the whole set, you can keep the mucky box as a fresh soaking box for the kitchen!)