FAQ's: Can I use the same wipes for bottoms & hands & faces?

1 July 2014  |  Admin

FAQ:  Can I use the same cloth baby wipes for both bums and hands & faces?

At Cheeky Wipes HQ we've been using washable baby wipes for 10 years now.  We started off with cut up old towels (which quickly looked like something that you would wash the car with) which is how the idea for Cheeky Wipes was born.  In all that time, we have used the same wipes for both bottoms and hands & faces.  

The only time we use anything different is for cleansing the eye area (for example on a newborn) when we use cotton wool and cool boiled water.  


We recommend that the wipes are washed at 60c once a week to keep them hygienic. (This is the generally accepted method for sterilising nappies etc)

If you wash at lower temperatures, you could instead also choose to use an anti-bacterial laundry wash such as dettol which means you can wash from 15c and be sure of a hygienically clean wash.

Of course, we realise that some of you are more squeamish about poo than we are.  (4 kids tends to have a somewhat numbing effect that way....).  So that's why we offer a separate hands & faces kit which means you can go for coloured wipes for hands & faces and white for bums (or vice versa).

If you're still not sure which washable baby wipes are best for you, why not order our reusable wipes trial set and see which ones work best for ou!

 The decision is yours.

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