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Cheeky & Me: Meet the Barrow Family

Cheeky & Me: Meet the Barrow Family

Cheeky & Me: The Barrow's Family

We could not have got to where we are today without our amazing customers, not only do we love our Cheeky Champions but we also love to show you off. Introducing our new monthly feature: Cheeky & Me. This month we are delving into the lives of the lovely Caity and Tanya. Their family have just expanded with the birth of Caity's beautiful baby gil Lily who was born in lockdown! (We salute you Caity) We speak to them all about their favourite Cheeky Products and relationship with our brand! 


Hi Caity and Tanya! 

Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself and your family! 

C: A little bit about me. I live with my Husband (Dan), our beautiful daughter Lily who is 8 months old and our 2 crazy cats. I say crazy because one of our cats plays fetch. Lily was born in the first lock down last May, so we have been adjusting to parenthood in the craziest time possible, but love it! 

T: And gosh, something about me. Well I am T, 51 and spend my days hanging about on the internet creating content and building websites. I have three children and now a granddaughter, Lily. It seems weird that I spent five years of my 20's being a nanny for other families and here I am now as a nanny on my own! I stated using Cheeky Wipes when my daughter introduced me in early 2020. 

If you had to choose what would be your favourite Cheeky Wipes product? 

T: This would have to be my makeup removal wipes which I use twice a day. I love how soft they are on my face, whilst also removing products so effectively. I can throw them in the washing machine and then put them straight back in the box ready for the next use. I am not sure I would ever be able to use anything else now! (they also make great presents!) 

C: Cheeky Wipes have been my favourite brand for a while now and more so since starting the messy weaning journey with my daughter. You are life savers! It's hard to pick one favourite product as I love both the cheeky cleaning bundle and the baby wipes kit. However if I had to choose just one product it would be the bamboo plush wipes. We have the Seahorse design, which is gorgeous. They are super soft, perfect for baby's delicate skin, and remain soft after plenty of times through the wash. 

What do you love about Cheeky Wipes/ your favourite product? 

C: I have been using the make up pads for must be at least 2 years now, when I first decided I wanted to be more 'green' and cut down on the single use items I was using. Then when I had Lily we knew life was going to get super messy, so bought 2 lots of the weaning bundles. I had been using the same cheeky wipes to clean the kitchen, so when you created the cleaning bundle I just had to buy it. All in an effort to save money and do my bit for the planet. They also clean much better than any wet wipe. 

T: I love Cheeky Wipes because their products are excellent. In addition to that, Cheeky Wipes as a company are fabulous on social media and genuinely care about their customers, and the world. How many companies can you say that about? 

Lastly, name a mantra that you live by! 

T: One life, live it! 

C: 'It's not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters'- After the last year it really does show you that family and friends are what matter most. 

Thank-you Caity and Tanya x