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Cheeky Wipes - 4 Day Working Week Trial


Cheeky Wipes are very excited to announce that we're trialling moving to a 4-day working week for 6 month trial. As a company, we hope that this change will bring numerous benefits to everyone, including our staff, our company, and our customers.

During this trial period, we will be closed on a Friday, and any orders placed from Thursday after 2pm will be dispatched on Saturday.

Our Customer Services team will be back on a Monday to answer any queries and have a look at our self help guide here that we have put together with you in mind if you need anything whilst we're away from our desks. 

Four Day Work Week At Cheeky Wipes

What is the 4 Day Working Week?

The 4 day week is a global campaign to reduce working hours for the same pay, through increased productivity. The UK pilot included 61 companies and 18 of those companies have gone on to implement the change permanently.

4 Day Working Week Staff Benefits

One of the main drivers for implementing a four day week is because we really value the well-being of our staff. We think we already have a great work culture at Cheeky Wipes, but by working reduced hours and still being paid the same amount, we hope to improve that even further! We believe that having a great work-life balance is essential for the team to be happier, healthier, and more productive.

By working 4 days a week, our staff will have more time to spend with their families, pursue hobbies, or just relaxing with a good book. We hope that happier and more motivated team will have the energy to be more creative and help move our business forwards together.

Business Benefits of a 4 day week

From a business point of view, there are two benefits. Working 20% less hours for the same pay will make our existing staff happier - we hope! In addition, by offering a shorter working week, when we recruit, we hope to attract talented people who are looking for a better work-life balance.

This will help us to build an even stronger team, passionate about 'Simple Reusables' and committed to providing the best possible service to you, our customers.

Sustainability Benefits of a 4 day week

Another reason why we're so keen to implement a 4 day week trial is that from a sustainability point of view it adds benefit. We can close our warehouse for one day a week, which means less heating and commuting, therefore lowering our carbon footprint.

Customer Benefits of a 4 day week

Finally, we believe that a 4-day working week will benefit our customers. From your perspective, you won't see any difference in how quickly your emails or chats are answered. Anyone who places their order on a Friday will actually have it dispatched sooner, as we have organised a Royal Mail Saturday collection.

By having a more motivated and rested team, we will be able to provide a better level of customer service and also put our money where our mouth is in terms of being a sustainable, family friendly business. We believe that being part of the 4 day week campaign will help us to achieve that goal!

Any questions?  Feel free to contact us!


Col Hubbard
11 May 2023  |  21:45

Hope it works