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Cheeky Wipes and City to Sea : official partners of #plasticfreeperiods

We're VERY excited to announce our new official partnership with environmental not-for-profit City to Sea and their #plasticfreeperiods campaign

Plastic Free Periods

As you well know, we've been incredibly passionate - for years now - about creating alternatives to disposables in the period protection space.

Both because we wanted to use them ourselves. But also because we believed they could and should be as easy and affordable as possible for everyone, so we can all make the switch and lessen our impact on our Blue Planet.

We've been supporting City to Sea - a UK-based, not-for-profit organisation, campaigning to prevent plastic pollution at source - for a number of years, providing cloth period pads to their Schools programme to educate and raise awareness around the issues and alternative, accessible options; a strand of our work which is really important to us if we collectively want to create the future we believe our kids deserve.

But did you know that estimates suggest 700,000 panty liners, 2.5m tampons and 1.4m pads are flushed down the toilet every day in the UK - many of which escape into our rivers and seas.

And - more than that - period products are the 5th most common item found on Europe's beaches. More so than single-use coffee cups which feels like a much more widely known issue. Yikes!

At CWHQ we're incredibly proud of the fact that, since 2016, sales of our products (made by you - our awesome Customers - I might add!) have resulted in 25m packets of disposable baby wipes, 40m disposable period products, and 5m packs of disposable make up removal wipes being saved from landfill.

And because we want those numbers increasing even further it made sense to extend our partnership with City to Sea to one of official partners generally but also more specifically for their #plasticfreeperiods campaigning strand with a significant fundraising objective to come from a combination of our upfront investment, as well as donations from product sales, all of which will go towards the inspiring work they do in running campaigns with the aim to prevent plastic pollution at source.

We'll be launching an exclusive co-branded range of period pads, make up removal pads and wipes, which we're expecting to have available to buy in July (exact date TBC and we'll no doubt have pre-order options available nearer the time too) and will donate £2 from every pad and £1 from every wipe sold so every single one of you who orders really will make a difference.

But, while we wait, if this has inspired you to do some more reading about the aims of the #plasticfreeperiods campaign or City to Sea in general you can find tons more on the City to sea website.

Otherwise click here to see our planned product range and we'll keep you updated as timings get confirmed.