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Cheeky Wipes ROCK! Poonami panic is a thing of the past

My Mum says Cheeky Wipes are the best thing ever!

Poonami panic is a thing of the past with our reusable baby wipes!

Cheeky Wipes Case Study - no nappy rash

Hello! I’m Rory – I am 3 years old and my little brother Leo is 10 months. Our mum is always going on about how amazing Cheeky Wipes are and this is an embarrassing story from when I was little (before she discovered the magic of reusable wipes!)

Corrine’s Challenge – cleaning up after a poonami with washable wipes!

While pregnant with her second child during lockdown Corrine was scrolling through Instagram stories when she came across an influencer promoting reusable wipes.  “I immediately had vivid memories of a horrendous experience I had with wipes when Rory was 18 months. We were on a trip away and Rory needed changing – badly. There was nowhere else to stop apart from a McDonalds, so we rushed in. The situation was already embarrassing. Rory was leaking a little and smelling less than fresh and I was faced with a monumental poonami.”

Every mum will relate to this disastrous and all too familiar changing room experience. Trying desperately to hang on to a wiggling baby with one hand leaving only one hand free to contain the poo eruption and find wipes. “Ordinary wet wipes didn’t help the situation at all, in fact they were making it worse. The wetness of the wipes was making the poo smear more. It was everywhere, up his back, on his clothes and later I realised I even had some on my neck, urghh.”

Over a year later, as Corrine watched the demonstration of reusable wipes she vowed never to repeat this disastrous experience with her new baby, and decided to give Cheeky Wipes a go. “I was also really fed up with how you can never get just one wipe out of the packet - ever! You end up with about 16 and then have to detach them all with one hand – nightmare, and such a waste!”

Solution – reusable wipes from Cheeky Wipes

Best reusable wipes for hands & faces

Corrine took the plunge and ordered the kit for bums hands and faces which had everything she needed to get started. The kit came with 25 soft reusable wipes, 2 containers – 1 for fresh and 1 for mucky wipes, gorgeous essential oils for the soaking solution, a convenient wash bag and 2 handy ‘out and about’ bags. “I thought with a toddler as well as a baby the wipes would be handy for sticky hands and faces as well as nappy changes.”

Result – no more stress and my life is so much easier even when using reusable wipes on the go!

Cloth wipes are the best for poonami poos

Corrine found Leo to be a much livelier baby than Rory and nappy changing is a bit of a wrestling experience . “I could change 7 octopuses easier than I could change Leo.

Thankfully Cheeky Wipes make the whole process easier and quicker.  “The fibres in the cloth seem to catch mess rather than spread it and as the poo is in a concentrated area it doesn’t spread so you can fold them easier. I can do a nappy change with one wipe easily now, brilliant

“Cheeky Wipes give a better level of clean, Leo has never had nappy rash”

And are great for other sticky situations too! “I used to use at least 3 wipes for each meal – 1 for mouth and 1 for each hand, wet wipes sort of screw up and disappear so you need more. Now 1 wipe does it all and literally all my boys cheeks are clean!”

Corrine remembers the stress she felt as a new mum with Rory, worried that she would run out of wipes so she would bulk buy boxes of wipes from the supermarket. “The biggest stress that has been taken from me is that I never run out of wipes. As a mum with a new baby you know everything will go wrong when you leave the house, sick, poo and no wipes – so stressful! This just doesn’t happen anymore”

Corrine was initially a little apprehensive about washing the wipes but found the process soon became part of her routine.  “The beauty of the box is that you don’t need to touch the messy wipes, you pick out the washbag by the pull cord and pop it in the washing machine – super easy and it smells like a spa when you open the boxes!”

Corrine now has a super simple system with fresh, gorgeous smelling wipes ready to use instead of half used packs of wipes all over the house. She is using her ‘out and about’ bags now that lockdown is easing and tells her friends that she wishes she had discovered the magic of Cheeky Wipes when Rory was a baby.

Cheeky Wipes benefits for busy mums:

  • I’ve always got fresh wipes in the house - so convenient, no stress
  • They are kinder to the environment and that makes me feel good
  • Less smelly waste for my bin and landfill – the wipes smell amazing too
  • Super easy and hygienic to use
  • My husband is converted so they must be good!
  • Very competitively priced with many cheeky offers
  • The initial outlay was tiny compared to what I am saving

And Corrine was so impressed she has gone on to order more fantastic Cheeky Wipes products:

  • Reusable breast pads (so brilliant – they dry in ½ hour, I never run out) 
  • Reusable make-up remover pads (they are super soft and wash up brilliantly staying as soft and lovely as when I bought them)

“We all need to be thinking more responsibly about the products we use, and Cheeky Wipes help me to do this and make my life easier – a no brainer! I really regret not finding them sooner”

Make your life easier today,   find out more here