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Cheeky Wipes moves house

So, this has been a HUGE week at Team Cheeky.  Following from our resounding success on BBC1's 'The Customer is always right' which screened Wednesday, we have also moved into our brand new warehouse!

This is the culmination of almost a year of hard work, which started back in June last year when we brought on board a mentor to help us scale up Cheeky Wipes.  We are all so passionate about reusable alternatives, we wanted to do our best to make them much more mainstream and get our 'simple green alternatives' out there.

In order to do that though, there was a LOT of internal systems which needed to be reviewed.  This time last year, we kept running out of stock on kits and other key items.  We had no real idea at any one point in time how much stock we had on hand which meant it was incredibly difficult to forecast and order in advance.

We focused on streamlining our order processing system, introduced new systems for managing stock and generally overhauling all our operations. Claire our warehouse manager spent what seemed like aeons moving us onto a new Royal Mail system.  There was also a fair bit of time spent 'encouraging' our leader, Helen to delegate and let go which proved quite challenging, given that Cheeky Wipes has been her baby for so many years!

Towards the end of last year however, it became very obvious that we needed more space.  We had been sharing space with a lovely team of security systems installers who eventually ended up squeezed into one corner of the building that they owned as we had taken over the rest!  We wanted space to allow us to continue to grow not only our product range but our team of staff which has grown exponentially over the last year whilst we struggled to keep up with demand and deliver the standard of service that our customers deserve.

We started looking around for new warehouses and found brand new units being built just 2 minutes drive away from our existing location in an area undergoing revitalisation.  

It's a huge, scary (but exciting) leap to branch out into our own warehouse. 

We have had to kit it out inside entirely which was (to say the least) quite expensive.  However the upside of this is that we have got lots of space which is especially important at the moment with social distancing in place.  We have got separate office space, we have even got a meeting room which is amazing.  Claire is especially happy with her new stationery cupboard.  smiley 

We no longer have to be embarrassed to 'have people over' for meetings.

We thought it would nice to share a few pics of both the old place and our shiny new space and also say 'Thank you' to you our loyal customers for supporting us and making it happen.

I also want to take a moment to say another moment of thanks to the key people involved in making this happen:  Roy, Claire, Heidi & Caroline, plus the helpful people over at Locate East Sussex.   At some stage, post lockdown, we will properly celebrate!