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Cheeky Pants Sizing Guidance

Buying period pants online whilst convenient, can make it hard to decide on sizes.

We stock so many different pant styles from a few suppliers and in varying absorbencies to suit light flow and heavy flow, with either low, mid or high rise that having a definitive measurement guide in inches and centimetres proved impossible to maintain and added confusion to our customers.


We can always advise on period knicker sizing either through our live chat, our email - or through our questionnaire. I will reply with bespoke advice and guidance, I am happy to answer questions if needed.

We recommend using our period pants comparison guide going by your average UK dress size and sizing up or down led by the advice on the chart.

If you would normally buy a size 12, opt for the size based on the guidance of true to size (12-14) snug (14-16)  or generous (10-12)

If you receive your menstrual pants and find they are too big or too small (or just not the right style for you), don't worry, as long as they are only tried on over your own underwear and are unwashed we can exchange them for you. Just follow our returns procedure.

If you are new to reusable period pants and are used to tampons and disposable pads, only wash and try one pair of pants to see ho wyou get on. You can then return the rest of your order if needed.

Remember all our washable pants can be used for pee or periods.

"Period products are excellent! I bought period pants and reusable bamboo liners. The size guide was accurate so everything fits, and the products are very comfortable and well made. This was my most comfortable and easy period to date since buying them." Trustpilot Aug '23

Which size for tweens and teens?

Sizing up your young new starter can be tricky if they are still in kids pants sizes normally. Refer to the graph below to find comparable adult sizing.


If you have a child who is early to puberty our kids pants will fit up to aged 10. Then our Feeling Free start in a size 2 which covers the same size - equivalent to a kids aged 9-10 and are very popular for tweens and teens, as are Feeling Sporty which start in a size 4 - equivalent to a childs aged 11-12. Both of these styles are in regular or heavy flow (our recommendation if they need to wear them all day at school).


About the Author : Kirstin on our customer services team loves spending her days helping customers with their reusable period product needs and advising cloth nappy using families. Kirstin lives with her three teenagers and loves walking and sea swimming year round in our beautiful bay.