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Cloth Bums - Yes or No?

Cloth Bums - Yes or No? 

The reusable vs. disposable debate is only getting more and more prominent. Obviously we are biased towards the discussion but there are still a lot of people who are not quite convinced to make the switch just yet. As you may have seen, this week brought a whole new conversation to light after it was reported that the government spoke about planning to put tax on Nappies, later said to be untrue. True or untrue, it still got us talking and thinking. Why are there no incentives to reduce landfill and encourage people to start making the switch…

Before I continue, let me introduce myself, my name is Issie. I am 23 years old and I have been working at Cheeky Wipes for over a year. Before I started at Cheeky Wipes I was one of those people who was unconvinced about switching to reusables, the concept just seemed so ‘ewww’. Fast forward to me a year later and I cannot stop raving about reusable products. (Literally envision me sitting talking to my boyfriends friends who I’d never met talking about period protection for their girlfriends)

One of the main things that concerns me is the amount of wastage that we see from disposables. The sustainable charity, Wrap has reported that by the time a baby is potty trained they could use 4,000-6,000 disposable nappies making up an estimate of 2-3% of household waste. That is HUGE. If you can make an easy switch to try and minimise this wastage, why wouldn’t you?

Ok, so let’s break it down. Why are we so quick to jump onto disposable nappies:

  1. Easy - Easy to apply, easy to pick up, easy to put on (sometimes!)

  2. Accessible - Just grab them with your other shopping

  3. Habit - We’ve grown up in the disposable generation

  4. Gross - Reusables mean you have to touch the yucky stuff (common misconception)

No judgement here, but let’s break the myths…

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Reusable Nappies are easy too! 

Our OG nappies are two parters, this is solely because we know that they are leak free and bullet proof.. that's a whole different story we will come back to. We love reusables and as busy parents, we understand that it needs to make your life easy too. Yes, you have to wash the nappies there is no escaping that. But, like most things with babies, getting into a routine early should mean that it becomes second nature and straightforward. Don't take our word for it though - hear how Heidi loves them for her twins as reusable nappies make life easier!

Reusable Nappies are accessible too!

I would argue our nappies are even more accessible than disposables and picking them up in the supermarkets. Order online and a delivery straight to your door in a few working days. If you get stuck on where to start, what you need or just need any more assistance you can contact customer services via the live chat window or give them an email and they will be more than happy to help you. They’ve clothed bummed their babies and have a fountain of knowledge to help you! (Plus they are super friendly and never judge)

Let's break habits!

Yes, it is so easy to get into a habit but some habits need to be broken. Like we said earlier there is absolutely no green guilt bashing here. Between the team we have enough children to fill a classroom so we completely get it. You need to make it manageable for your routine and whether that means that you go full throttle or half throttle, part reusables or full reusables we are still here for you when you decide to make the switch.

'Ew that means poo goes in the machine?'

This is probably the biggest ‘turn off’ about using reusable nappies. What about the poo? What poo goes in my washing machine? Will my washing machine be clogged with all that stuff?

The answer is that as long as you prep them in our recommended, easy way then it won’t be the faff at all. We recommend that you get as much solid poo off as possible before putting your nappy into the washing machine. Pre weaning poo is water soluble so washing machines are well equipped to deal with any that may make it onto the nappy after rinsing and liner removal.

If you are using a reusable liner you can tip any solids into the toilet and either rinse the liner in the flush of the toilet – making sure you've got a good grip on it! – or have something handy to scrape any poo from the liner into the toilet. Similarly if you are using a disposable liner just tip the poo into the toilet and bin the liner (be careful not to flush the liner as most are not flushable!)

You can find all our washing and care instructions here. Don’t be put off, it may seem like a lot of effort at first when reading through but just like a disposable habit it soon becomes second nature!

Cheeky DooDoo Nappies

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Other reasons to change to cloth nappies

Saves you money - in the long run you are not purchasing big boxes of nappies every week. Just wash and reuse!

Eco Friendly Cloth Nappies - feel like you are part of the change EXTRA Bonus!

Suitable for newborns - plus we do up to a size 3 nappy for all sized children

Poonami proof - tried and tested with 100 parents, our nappies are developed and designed by you.

Softer on bums, slim fitting, and super absorbent

What is not to love?

Industry and society trends mean that we are surrounded by disposables and they are/were made to seem like the normal go to products. However, there is a shift coming, people are challenging the idea of just going with the ‘normal’ and the ‘obvious’. Carrier bags, cotton buds, straws, all positive small impacts on our world and who knows the Reusable Nappies could be next.