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Are Reusables a Hassle?

Between washable nappies, reusable wipes, period pants & pads, there's now lots of ways to ditch disposable plastic filled products and switch to reusables.

You may have come across them before but think they're not for you. You like the idea of more environmentally friendly options, but think disposables are more convenient.

You might think you can't fit washable options into your already busy life. Maybe your washing machine is constantly on as it is...maybe you are too busy with work, family, friends and don't think they will be quick and easy to use...maybe you just can't work out how they work!

This review from one of our customers inspired this blog post...

"Easier to manage than you think"

"I keep coming back here & trying new things; each idea seems even better than the previous. Hubby is now involved in the change to reusables & very pleased with the wipes & spray I bought for him to keep in the car / workshop instead of baby wipes to clean his hands. Yes, there is a little more effort involved to clean reusables, but we are now getting into a routine & feel we are making an - albeit tiny - contribution towards plastic reduction.GB, Sept 2023

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We want to encourage you to give them a go and see how easy and hassle free they can be. Plus you'll lessen your environmental impact too. In this article we'll go through some of the reasons people give for not switching and give you some food for thought:

You already have washing going on ALL THE TIME

This is actually a bonus where reusables are concerned as you can just add them into your regular washing, They don't need a separate washload.

For wipes that are used for nappy changes or as replacement for toilet paper, if you have an All in One or Family Toilet paper kit, the used wipes will have a little pre soak with our essential oils in the mucky box. That means any stains don't set and they can go for a machine wash straight from the box.

Reusable Period Pads / Pants are the same. Rinse out the blood or pee, and maybe soak in cold water if there are lingering stains.

Then, just wash them like any other knickers! You CAN wash period pants with other clothes. The only thing here is not to use fabric softener with them as that will affect absorbency. One small change to make for one washload wink

Make up pads and hands and faces wipes can also just be thrown in the wash with everything else. They don't need a pre rinse (unless you are weaning in which case give those wipes covered in puree a hand rinse first!)

Below are our make up and face wipes that we all use (Me, hubby, 15yr old daughter and 12 yr old son). The top basket are the clean selection and the bottom basket are the ones about to go in the wash. See if you can spot some very old patterns of our plush wipes and make up pads!

"I have used the same set of cheeky wipes for almost 3 years and they still work to the same standard as the day I bought them. They are really easy to use and a an eco swap which is low hassle (essential with a baby!)" Trustpilot Review

How do I dry reusable wipes and period protection?

If you have somewhere that you currently air dry your washing then you can use that space to dry your reusables.

Wipes can be hung on a socktopus or similar (we like this one from Ikea). We also pile them up and put them in the airing cupboard. Same goes for make up wipes, breastpads, period/pee pads. 

If you have somewhere that you dry your undies, then you have space to dry your reusable period products!

Top Tip: Turning them inside out will get them dry quicker!

If you have a sunny spot in your house or a garden even better. Either hang wipes etc on the line or take the lazy/easy route and throw them straight from the basket onto a table or lounger and walk away! Go back every hour or so to shift them around, so they all get some sun.

We don't recommend the tumble dryer for reusable sanitary pads or pants, but all of our reusable wipes can be tumble dried, except Microfibre.

Pop on a podcast or enlist helpful hands to get them piled up and back into rotation.

 How convenient are reusable wipes?

Reusable wipes are super convenient, because if you run out, you just wash them for some more! What's not convenient about a pile of lovely soft, plastic free and eco friendly wipes?

If you have your go to products that you use with cotton wool to cleanse your face then swapping in a washable make up pad is the simplest swap to make.

If you use disposable face wipes, then consider making the switch when at home.

Once you get used to the routine, its easy to pop a few in a washbag to take away for the weekend.

The convenience of always having clean, fresh wipes to hand for nappy changes or hands and faces, car spillages or kitchen surface wiping? Why reach for more disposable, chemical laden wipes when you have .....

I won't leave the house without a full pack of disposable wipes...

Yep, that poonami that you just know is going to hit in the middle of the supermarket or on a park play date.

Your trusty pack of disposable wipes has enough in there to get your little one spotless...but how many will you use? I'm going with between 5 and 10.

With reusables, they clean more effectively. You'll only need one or maybe two for an extreme shituation (yep, I went there) so you don't need to take as many with you.

If you've got a changing bag or day bag, reusable wipes fit neatly into a wetbag that you can pop in there just as you would your pack of wipes.

But I don't know how many reusable pads or period pants I would need for my period

For your period, you know how many regular and how many super tampons you need for your period. You've probably got a cute little pouch that you keep them in. Or maybe they roam freely in the bottom of your bag and you just know you left one in there at the end of your last period. 

If you already use disposable pads then switching to reusable period or pee protection isn't that much of a leap.

With 4 layers of absorbency and supersoft cotton or fleece next to your skin, they're way more comfy than plastic and chemical filled pads. We're a sucker for gorgeous prints and have wet bags and pads to match.

How many reusable pads or period pants you'll need depends on how often you have a wash going on. Simply complete our online help questionnaires to find out how many you'll need for YOUR period and washing routine.

We have pads for light to medium to very heavy flows and between us, we have lots of experience in using ALL of them. (Have a read of our blogs on clots and avoiding leaks on your period to see what we mean.)

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Period pants are just knickers with absorbency and a leak proof layer built in. If you have a favourite style that you sacrifice on your period to wear your oldest pants in case you leak then why not consider period pants?

We have them in low risemid rise and high rise and in bamboocotton, organic cotton and in plain colours and some gorgeous new prints. We think we have everyone covered but love adding to the range so if you think we're missing a style...let us know! 

If you can't comprehend changing them at work then consider teaming with a pad for easy and quick change. We have a ton of info on the site about this so check out some links at the bottom. 

"Total game changer for periods. Quick delivery and the products are exactly as described. No more hassle with disposable products! Will definitely be ordering again!" Trustpilot Review

Do you still think reusables are a hassle? Well, that depends on what you term as hassle...

Running out of single use face wipes or cotton wool seems like a hassle...having something to hand to clean your make up off and then popping in a basket to wash seems like less hassle.

Running out of baby wipes at 3am seems like a hassle, getting 10 wipes out of a pack instead of 1 seems like a hassle...having an endless supply of reusable cloth wipes and a system to make them easy seems like less hassle.

Constantly having to buy disposable period or pee pads in the supermarket seems like a hassle and expense...having a soft supply of pants and pads ready to go seems like less hassle.

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 About the author: Jo van Huet is a mum of 2 and has been working with Helen, Cheeky founder, for over 20 years. She has been Head of Customer Journey at Cheeky Wipes for almost 8 years following a stint “helping out at some Baby shows” since 2008! 

Jo has used all the products from our wipes on her kids (now 12 & 15) to our period pants and pads. She is passionate about making sure our customers are happy, informed and feel listened too when they get in touch. Her team pride themselves on providing relatable friendly advice and just LOVE to chat pee, poo and periods all day long!