Difference between Bamboo & Bamboo Charcoal topped pads

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FAQ:  What's the difference between Cheeky Mama bamboo or bamboo charcoal topped Cloth Sanitary Pads?

Great question.  our cloth sanitary pads come in both bamboo terry toppings and also bamboo charcoal, a microfleece which is grey coloured.  At Cheeky Wipes HQ, we like both but for different reasons:

Colour / Staining / Washing

Cheeky wipes - charcoal sanitary pad

Obviously the charcoal grey ones will not show the blood as clearly, so if you are squeamish go for that!  They are less likely to show any staining, although if you follow our care instructions and cold soak and wash, then that shouldn't be a problem.


Not everyone is a fan of microfleece and some people prefer something more natural feeling against their nether regions.  If this is you, go for the bamboo top.

Smell - or not

Bamboo charcoal is allegedly more odour absorbing, however having used both, I can't discern any noticeable odour from either.


It really comes down to personal preference.  I like both, if pushed I might go for the bamboo top as I prefer the feel against my skin, but it all comes down to the individual.  If you can't make up your mind, why not order one of each to see what you think, before making a commitment?

Find our full range of reusable bamboo pads here. 

Samantha Broughton
17 December 2014  |  23:00

Darn. Wish I'd realised this before I ordered. I hate the feel of fleece/microfiber and guess what I ordered?? I thought they'd be bamboo like the wipes etc, but coloured and maybe 'infused' with charcoal. Not got to using them yet so maybe they'll be Ok.

I have to say, this could be made clearer.

18 December 2014  |  6:14

Hi Samantha, Thanks for the feedback - we have made it much clearer now and added a link to this blog post on every page, so that should help!

Kim Weatherburn
30 October 2015  |  7:21

I would like to buy one of each pad to see if I get on with either of them, how do I order that option?

30 October 2015  |  11:47

Hi Kim, you can order one of each using this link: https://www.cheekywipes.com/cheeky-mama-ultrapad-cloth-sanitary-day-pad/cheeky-mama-cloth-sanitary-pads.html

Deborah Gregory
16 July 2017  |  22:05

I'd like to order one of each for my daughter but this link is not working. Is this still available

17 July 2017  |  5:55

Hi Deborah,
This link should work? https://www.cheekywipes.com/bamboo-minky-cheeky-mama-cloth-sanitary-pads.html

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