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Ditch the awkward chat, download The Period Hub app

We've all had (or at least heard about) those awkward period chats... that's why we created The Period Hub app...

The Period Hub is a FREE App, available on iOs and Android Stores and designed specifically with young people - and their parents or families - in mind.

The Period Hub app from Cheeky

We recently carried out a nationwide survey that revealed 59% of young people were scared when they got their first period and 13% had no idea what was happening.

Feels a bit heartbreaking!

We created The Period Hub to encourage open, honest discussion around all things periods so we can all break down the stigma that comes from embarrassment or mis- / lack of information.

As scary as it is for them, it's a tad confusing for parents to navigate too and with periods starting earlier and earlier we wanted to support everyone in getting their hands on this info, whatever age.

Because, after all, periods don't have to mean you feel unclean, uncomfortable or unable to do whatever you want to. They can be as easy as a few days a month when you just happen to wear a different pair of still super stylish, comfy, no hassle, leak-free knickers.

Isn't that better than the horror stories! laugh


At Cheeky we believe periods should be celebrated!

To kick off our app launch, we've got two great deals running until midnight 28th February.

25% OFF our First Period Starter Kit RRP £22.95


£10 off our K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple starter) Kits RRP from £46.99

Keep it Simple Starter Kit, includes 3 pairs of our period pants with 4 layers of protection, 2 day pads for extra security on heavier days, 5 intimate wipes and a wet bag to keep discreet whilst out and about

Massive savings to make a massive difference to starting your period journey (or making the swap if you're years in) the reusable way and ditching the disposables before they become our norm.


All those tricky answers at your fingertips

The app - as with our entire range of Period pants, pads and Swimwear for teens and tweens, heavy flow, plus size, postpartum and even children starting young, is all about making reusable alternatives as easy and as accessible as the things we've traditionally been told about and given to use. 

When people talk more and when people have access to new and better information, taboos can be quashed and alternatives normalised. 
Something that feels especially crucial at such a young age when we begin our habits of a lifetime.

Following this version of the app, we're got teaching resources launching later in the Spring as support for KS2 and KS3 educators so watch this space and tell your teacher friends and schools!

Download The Period Hub today by scrolling to the bottom footer of our site and selecting your app store.

There's educational information, some fun quizzes to test your knowledge, as well as a whole list of other resources to tap into.

We'd love to hear what you think!