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Do I have to dry my washable cloth baby wipes?

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FAQ:  Do I have to dry my Cheeky Wipes?  How is it best to do this?

If you're short of time, there is no need to dry your Cheeky Wipes between washes, but we do recommend it at least every other wash in order to keep your wipes hygienic and stop them becoming musty.


Line drying is definitely the best way to dry your wipes - even if it's not a sunny day, the UV light breaks down any remaining organic stains and helps brighten your wipes.

As you can see above, I use an underwear airer to hand my Cheeky Wipes on the line - perfect size and I can hang two at a time per peg which saves valuable line space.

And of course they can also be tumble dried in the normal manner which has the added benefit of fluffing up the fibres and making them feel softer.

Or if it's winter, you can certainly dry them on a radiator or on an airer if that works best for you.