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Don't be an April Fool!


Don't be a fool this April!

Happy April! Well... The sun is out, the restrictions are lifting and it is starting to feel *slightly* more like normality! What could be better? How about our offers? 

From 1st April to 21st April we are giving you two MARVELLOUS offers: Need to top up your wipes? Buy an All-in-one Kit and get 10 hands and faces wipes completely free! If that doesn't interest you how about 20% off our brand new Incontinence multi packs! This April don't be a fool, we have an offer just for you! 

We take the P*ss this April

We have worked over the past two years with the lovely Penny Broderick to create our brand new Cheeky Feeling Fearless Pads! Penny created the Nappy Library back in 2008 encouraging the use of reusable nappies. In 2010 her autoimmune disease took a turn for the worse and she found herself dealing with Incontinence. Realising that the disposable market of incontinence products wasn't reliable or suitable she designed pads which were shaped for incontinence rather than periods! Our pads have features which make them the perfect pad to use for Incontinence, even if nature lets you down these pads won't! 

      Want to know some of the features? 

  • These pads are designed to be extremely thin to fit into any knicker, yet they have a high capacity
  • The charcoal impregnation reduces odours
  • The non wick wings reduce wet thighs
  • Tabs have been added for easier unsnapping of wings 
  • Brushed Cotton for fast absorption 
  • Natural cotton core to prevent compression leaks 
  • AND a hidden waterproof layer 

Penny originally sold these through her website own website but we are extremely proud to present our collaboration, Cheeky Feeling Fearless. (Price from £34.00) 

Wipes for every occasion!


We love our bestselling All-in-one kit, the invention that started Cheeky Wipes, but we love it even better when it comes with 10 FREE hands and faces wipes! Worth £12.50 choose your favourite design from our sea themed prints including seahorses, whales and turtles.

Our All-in-one kits have become our bestseller being described as 'Life-changing', 'Amazing', 'Game changing' and a 'parenting essential'. Our kit contains everything to need to make the switch to reusable wipes as easy as possible! 

  • 1 x Mucky Box 

  • 1 x Fresh Box 

  • 25 x Wipes 

  • 1 x Fresh Essential Oil 

  • 1 x Mucky Essential Oil 

  • 1 x Fresh Wipes out and about bag 

  • 1 x Waterproof wet bag for Mucky Wipes and 

  • 1x Large Mesh Wash Bag 

All of that from £41.00! That's your nappy changing routine sorted but what about mealtimes? Your 10 free wipes can help you there... Made from plush Bamboo our wipes are extremely delicate on those little mucky faces and hands but perfect to get that sticky fruit juices off! No faff, no mess, just an easy planet saving solution! Perfect! 

Share the love! 

Our customers have been sharing tons of love on our Trustpilot so we thought they would be rude not to share! 

'Cheeky Wipes were without doubt the best products I bought for my baby. 3.5 years on and they're still getting well used. Just got a few new plush wipes as they are so soft on little faces and the little people love the bright patterns.' - Susan Keskin 

'Absolutely love cheeky wipes! Wish I'd known about them sooner as I couldn't be without now. If you're thinking about changing over, go for it!' - LB 

'So much better than using regular wipes. I can usually do a full pooey nappy with one cheeky wipe, whereas I'd be using 4-5 disposables. I have a box downstairs for hands and face too and it is making the weaning tidy up super easy.' - Hannah