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Don't panic about running out of loo roll or wipes!


You may have been using our wipes as a reusable baby wipes kit for a while. But did you know, they're not just for baby bums, they make a fantastic toilet paper alternative also?

There seems to be a fair bit of panic around Coronavirus at the moment, and certainly the shelves in our local supermarket were completely cleared of loo roll. However you can simply use our reusable wipes instead, and also have the satisfaction of knowing that you're doing your bit for our planet, AND you're also saving money. As a bonus, you'll never run out of wipes or loo roll.

It's really easy to use the wipes. Our toilet paper alternative kit includes one box for clean wipes and a second one for dirty wipes. To get going, just add lots of water and our lavender and chamomile oil to the fresh wipes box and then soak your wipes in there. Close the lid and they are convenient and ready to use. Prepare your mucky wipes box by adding the mesh bag insert, filling with water and adding a few drops of our teatree and teatree lemon oil to keep those wipes smelling fresh.

Like we said before, these aren't just great for baby bums but adult bums too. The cotton flannel wipes are my preference for adult bums as they're a bit bigger! And *WARNING - I'm going to get graphic here*, to quote Chris Ramsey, you wouldn't wipe dog poo off your arm with just toilet roll, why wouldn't you wash your bum after a poo? Especially if you're a man with a hairy bum? Sorry, we talk about poo, pee and periods a LOT!

When you've got a load of washing to go on, unhook the mesh bag from your mucky wipes box and pop into the washing machine. We like to either wash at 60c with bedding and towels, or more usually we wash at 40c using an anti-bacterial sanitiser such as Dettol anti bacterial laundry liquid. You won't get lumps of poo in your washing machine. Cloth nappies have been washed in washing machines for years with no issues. It's good practice for ALL washing machines to do a service wash of 70c now and again. On my washing machine, it even reminds me when it's time to do so. Then you just need to rinse out your boxes and prepare the wipes with fresh solution.


This is an EASY way to make a difference to the environment, particularly if you're replacing any sort of wipe with these. You'll also save yourself money. A set of 25 wipes weighs around 250g, so if you wash them three times a week as part of a 7kg wash load, then that's only 6 additional loads of washing per year! Compare that to the cost of buying loo roll or wipes. One packet of premium baby wipes is around £2, so just one packet a week for two years amounts to £208!

God save us, if we do all end up self-isolating due to Coronavirus, you'll still have a clean bum. Which is one less thing to worry about. :-)