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Ecoegg review

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It's taken me AGES to do this review, so apologies Ecoeggs!

I became aware of Ecoeggs during Real Nappy Week when they got involved (and had a lot of fun).  For those of you who don't know, Ecoeggs are a washing egg that you use in your machine instead of washing powder or liquid.

Now, many moons ago, I used to use a similar product called eco balls.  Although I was pleased with how they worked, I stopped using them when one of the balls got lost (HOW can that happen - possibly the washing machine sock monster got to it?) and then I just drifted back to using washing powder. 

Anyway, I saw Ecoegg during Real Nappy Week and then the lovely Claire from My Little Patch mentioned that she was using them for her washing.  Intrigued (and in the middle of an eczema flare-up) I decided to try an Ecoegg.

 As you can see the Ecoegg is filled with 'scientifically forumlated, hypoallergenic cleaning pellets. These pellets naturally activate in the water to gently lift away dirt and grime, without using any harsh chemicals.'

I don't know what the little pellets are but they WORK!  At least as well as any powder or detergent that I've used.  I pre-treat anything really badly stained with Arial stain remover just as I would do if I was using detergent.  As a case in point, my sons white school top came back from school absolutely filthy yesterday - it looked as if he and his friend had been squirting orange juice over their tops for laughs at lunchtime and then he had drawn on it too.

I squirted the arial on it and then bunged in the wash with everything else and all the orange juice was completely gone.  The pen was still there but there's not much that will shift pen.

The Ecoegg I use has a slight fragrance - not much, but just enough to take away the 'damp fabric' smell if that makes sense, which is perfect for me as I hate the smell of artificially perfumed products.  Febreze makes me want to be sick...



I can honestly say that my washing is just as clean using the Ecoegg as any detergent - and it's SO much cheaper.  The Ecoegg is £19.99 and will last me about 80 weeks which is just over 18 months (720 washes and an average of 9 loads of washing a week...there are 6 of us!)

I was spending about £5 every 4 weeks on washing liquid (I use the own branded and use as little as possible) so in the same time period I would have spent a conservative £100 - so Ecoegg will have saved me £80.

Skin Friendly too.

As regular readers will know, I suffer from eczema which flares up now and again.  I always used the sensitive skin formulations but using Ecoegg is even better as it's approved by the National Eczema society.

Environmentally Friendly

Obviously Ecoeggs are the green choice too as they remove the amount of chemicals being used for washing - and transport and production impact too.

If you haven't considered Ecoeggs before, I can thoroughly recommend them, available for £19.99 from




Anna Hale
01 April 2014  |  21:33

We've just started using the eco egg and we're impressed so far! Our washing comes up really soft so we don't need to add any fabric conditioner, although sometimes we do for the smell. I'd like to try adding a couple of drops of essential oil thought just to see if that makes the washing smell nice.
Also, what's not mentioned is you can buy one that does 52 washes for around about 8 and one that does 210 for around about 10. Also id you go on their website you can refill the 210 one.