FAQ's: What accessories do I need with cloth nappies?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010  |  Admin

If you're new to the world of cloth nappies it can all seem a bit daunting. So many nappies do choose from, all-in-ones, two part systems, bamboo, cotton, micro-fibre - it's hard to know where to start!
I'm working on the assumption that you've got this bit sorted (and if not I can recommend Itti Bitti, so the next thing you have to consider is what additional accessories you'll need? I've listed these in priority order to help you out...
Nappy Bin / Bucket

This is pretty much a must-have (although I did meet a lady at one of the Baby Shows who wrapped her nappies up and checked them at the bottom of the stairs until she had a wash going on!!!) You need a decent sized nappy bucket to hold at least a couple of days worth of nappies (or up to 12 / 14).
Wet Nappy Bag

Again, this is pretty much a must-have as you'll need to transport mucky nappies home if you're out and about. You've got lots of choices for these and as long as it's waterproof you'll be fine. Our Large Nappy Wet Bag is very practical and will hold a LOT of nappies - at least 10, so it's great for using at nursery etc. If you fancy something a little more stylish, our Monkey Foot Wet Bags come in a variety of sizes, with the medium to large ones being perfect for carrying your nappies when out and about.
There are LOTS of different ways of ensuring that your nappies stay clean and hygienic. If you wet-pail (soak your nappies after use in your nappy bucket until washing) theen nappisan etc are a good idea. But no matter what you use for wet-pailing, it's always a stinky, messy job when emptying. Which is why I dry-pail and then occasionally add a sanitising agent to my rinse cycle on my washing machine (in the fabric softener). Most of the time I use a few drops of our Mucky Wipes Tea Tree & Tea Tree Lemon oil as it smells great but is also anti-bacterial. However the Milton Fabric Solution is fabulous for using safely on all fabrics and can be used from 15 degrees.
Mesh Bag

Mesh Laundry Bags are usually used when wet-pailing however even if dry pailing, it can make transferring your mucky nappies into the washing machine just a little bit easier. Worth considering, but not a must have.
If I've missed anything from my list, or you disagree, please let me know!

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