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FAQ's: What is the best size for washable wipes?

This question was prompted by a chat I had with a customer-to-be last week. We were discussing how the wipes work and she remarked that the wipes appeared small. Believe me, a Cheeky Washable Cloth Baby Wipe is big enough to tackle the biggest poo, with no fear of poo on hands!

The best size for washable wipes is 15cm x 15cm. Which is roughly the size of your open hand (unless you've got mahoosive hands, like the Hulk for example).  There is no point in having a wipe that is bigger than your hand because the excess wipe just droops of the side of your hand, unused.

And if you're new to washable wipes, the best thing about a Cheeky Wipe is that each wipe actually wipes 3 times:

- The first wipe is with the cloth completely flat in your hand

- Then you fold in half, wipe again

- fold once more then final wipe!

So unless it's a shoulder blade high poo situation, one Cheeky Wipe (or two at most) is usually enough for the job. There's a phrase at Team Cheeky that we use a lot

'Just use one for a nice clean bum'

Here you'll see the magnificent cleaning power of Cheeky Wipes in action!  One Cheeky Wipe does the job of 7 disposable wipes!