Flip Training Pants Review

31 July 2013  |  Admin

Flip Trainer Pants Review

I'm going to admit that we haven't been using our cloth nappies as much recently .....  Only my no2 girl is still in nappies during the day and when she's at nursery, they provide them...and I've already got at least one load of washing each day...

However as she'll be two and a half in September, I'm keen to start potting training her and I definitely think it helps when they are wearing cloth as they can associate the feeling of weeing with feeling wet afterwards.

So I took some advice from the lovely Claire Sheridan and ordered three Bumgenius Flip training pants from www.babame.co.uk.



I was very excited to give them a go and I LOVE them! They are poppered at the front to adjust from little toddlers to larger children (18 month upwards is what Bumgenius recommend).  They also have stretchy side poppers  which can be adjusted to fit also and these bits mean that thay can be pulled up and down.  Genius!

Each pant consists of 3 soaking pads and a waterproof outer.  The soaking pads are made from 6 layers of absorbent organic cotton - and they are very absorbent, I haven't had any leaks at all, even on my 4 year old at night time (when I added an extra nighttime booster to be on the safe side).

When my 27 month old girl wears them during the day, she has them on the smallest setting and I fold the excess fabric in the pad towards the bottom as that's where she will wet most.

I was so impressed that I've started using them on my 4 year old girl too as night-time nappies as we're tryting to encourage her to be dry overnight (and so far we've had a 50% success rate!)  She's a fairly chunky 4 year old, so we've got them on the widest setting and again they fit perfectly, with no leaks.

Even better, I've been worrying about what I'll do with no2 boy when we go camping.  He's not reliably dry overnight and I don't want a wet sleeping bag to deal with.  However, I didn't particularly want to put him back in disposable nappies either...  Flip trainers come to the rescue!  I've also ordered one in a turquoise colour which will do him but also the girls.  Result!

The nappies are £27.99 each for the three inserts and cover from www.babame.co.uk.  However when you think that a months supply of pullups will cost you at least that, they are quickly paid for, several times over!

These nappies have reminded me again why I LOVE cloth nappies.  Thank you Bumgenius!




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