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1 Comment18 May 2021

Pack up... We're allowed out! 

Things are starting to look slightly up aren't they? We are finally allowed to spend a Half term hugging the people that we love, inside or outside even. So why not think about that instead of what your going to pack in your going out bag? Our Out and About Kit is going to answer all of your prayers this half term week! We have an exclusive deal of: Changing Mat, 10 wipes and a small luxury double wetbag. 

Get  a changing mat in our cute designs, 10 cotton or bamboo wipes in white or rainbow AND a small luxury double wetbag to store your wipes to get out and about this half term. No need to worry about mucky faces, those outdoor nappy changes and sticky fingers our Kit has the answer to everything. And our changing mats don't just change bottoms you know... 

The luxury double wet bag has an integrated carry handle for hanging from your buggy or throwing into your changing bag. Plus two zipped compartments, with a double lining and pull out wash bag, means that even when stored at the bottom of your changing bag, everything should stay dry!  Keep your damp wipes in one pocket and pop the mucky wipes in the other when used. 

Let your imagination run wild with Cheeky Wipes Changing Mats

Cheeky Wipes Luxury Out and About Reusable Wipes Bundle

Let your imaginations go wild and be anywhere you want to be with our Changing Mats, are Cheeky Crew have been getting busy venturing all over the place! 

Where will your next adventure be?

1) Sail across the ocean 

2) Become a superhero 

3) Build a fort 

4) For when you forget about your pram cover 

5) Be a trampolining champion 


Teen Self Esteem Month 

This May is Teen Self Esteem Month as whether or not you have heard about it before we can all agree that it's important to know who you are and what your worth is. As teens are our future leaders, our future business people, our future eco warriors, the future of our world. We all can struggle with Self Esteem and know that it can lead to serious health problems which is why Teen Self Esteem Month is so important to address these issues and stop them at the root of the problem. Here at Cheeky HQ we have been reflecting on our own teenage years, what sparked the most embarrassment, the most cringe-worthy moments or what seemed a MASSIVE deal but in actual fact wasn't really that big a deal? Aside from Parents probably fitting into that category the word PERIOD came up A LOT too. Partly the reason behind our amazing 'When will I get my first period Kit' 

Period Positivity in a Box

Being a teenager is such a mix of emotions, your hormones are ALL over the place and it can be the most amazing care free years of your life but it can also be the most anxious and self critical years of your life also. To celebrate Teen Self Esteem Month when you buy one of our When will I get my first period kit (aka. Period Positivity in a Box) you receive 5 free makeup pads in our amazing designs of Melon, Leopard and Rainbow. Our kits include everything that you may need for that first period and comes in a cardboard storage box: Store it under your bed, in your bathroom, in a draw, on your book shelf the discreet box will make it look fashionable but hidden to avoid any unwanted embarrassment. The kit includes: 

  • 1 x Pair of Feeling Sporty Period Pants 
  • 1 x Cotton Cloth Ultrapad for light flow 
  • 1 x Mini Wetbag to carry everything discreetly 
  • 5 x Washable Intimate Wipes 
  • 25g Bar of Green and Blacks Chocolate 

PLUS for limited time only choose your new skin care essential... 5 Luxury Makeup Removing Pads 

We are firm believers that your Period should be celebrated, as girls transition into womanhood an exciting journey. Some countries such as North America, Japan and Fiji families celebrate the transition by learning about heritage, preparing a feast, wearing traditional outfits and singing: A challenge to the usual Period Taboo that we like to take a leaf out of their book. 

Our offers last for 6 days only so make sure to be speedy! 


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