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Hard Water - tips for keeping your cloth washable baby wipes soft!

FAQ's:  I live in a hard-water area, how do I keep my Cheeky Wipes soft?

If you live in a hard water area, you'll know that it can be tricky to keep your towels soft due to limescale build up.

This isn't a problem for the microfibre or bamboo wipes however with the cotton terry towelling wipes, they can end up feeling a bit crunchy!  Luckily this is easily resolved with any of these options (which will also work for your towels!)


If you've got a tumble dryer, this fluffs up the fibres of your cotton wipes, leaving them feeling softer to the touch.

Fabric softener

Using fabric softener *can* impact absorbency of towels but as Cheeky Wipes are completely soaked in water, this isn't an issue.  

White Vinegar

White vinegar is an acid which effectively dissolves the limescale build up.  Wash your Cheeky Wipes along with 50ml of white vinegar and they should feel softer afterwards.

Ecozone Magnoball

I don't use fabric softener as generally anything that can irritate my eczema, will irritate it!  However I recently purchased one of these Ecozone Magnaball which uses magnets to remove limescale from your water in the washing machine.

I was a bit sceptical at first, but have noticed that all our clothes were much softer.  Even jeans feel smooth on the washing line, rather than crispy! 

Definitely worth the money, and worth swapping your fabric conditioner for this, although you don't get that fabric softener fragrance.  Not a problem for me as I'm not keen on fake fragrance smells...