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FAQ's: how do I wash my cloth baby wipes to ensure they are hygienic

FAQ:  How do I wash my wipes to ensure they are hygienic?


We get asked this question a lot, sometimes it can be quite daunting using cloth baby wipes if you are not familiar with them. When it comes to washing them, it is important that you follow the process below because you want to make sure that you are maintaining hygiene also. 


We have put together a three pronged approach for you to follow: 


Soaking your wipes in teatree & teatree lemon mucky oil in the mucky box kick starts the hygiene process as teatree & teatree lemon are both anti-bacterial - and cold soaking your mucky wipes helps to loosen the stains (poo) so they wash well.

I recommend washing your wipes at 60c at least once a week (with bedding or towels) as this kills off any lingering bacteria or germs.  If you prefer not to wash at 60, you can use a proprietary anti-bac laundry cleanser such as Dettol, which claims to kill 99.9% of germs from just 15c.


Drying your wipes - either in the tumble dryer (again the high temp kills any bacteria) or on the washing line also help.  After all, sunlight is nature's own bleach.