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How much oil and water to use

FAQ's:  How much oil and water should I use to soak my Cheeky Wipes?


It is important that your wipes are properly wet - if they are 'just' damp then they are likely to start smelling musty sooner, so particularly in warm weather it's important to make sure they are properly wet.  You want them wet but not dripping, so tip any excess water away.

No matter which wipes you use, make sure that you turn them over once or twice in the water and oil solution and give them a good squidge to ensure that the water and oil are well distributed throughout the wipes. As each different fabric varies in absorbency, here's some guidelines as to how much water to use for each fabric type.

Cotton Terry Towelling

This used to be a very simple question to answer when we just sold cotton wipes.  Then you just used approx 250ml of water and about 5 drops of oil for every 25 wipes so that your wipes were good and wet but not dripping.  The bottom line on the fresh box is approximately 250ml of water so that makes it pretty straight forward.

Ultimate Cotton

As these wipes are slightly thicker than the standard cotton, they may need more water to soak them, around 275 - 300ml - any excess can be tipped away. 


Bamboo wipes are a bit more absorbent than cotton, so you'll need more water to soak them.  Try 350 ml (or between the bottom and top line on your fresh wipes container), you can always tip any excess away.


Microfibre are the most absorbent of our wipes.  Use 450ml of water and 6 to 8 drops of oil for them and make sure that are turned over once or twice to ensure they're all wet through.

Mixture of fabrics 

As you can imagine, at Cheeky Wipes HQ we often have a mixture of wipes being soaked together.  I use around 250ml for 15 mixed wipes (cotton, Ultimate, bamboo and a few microfibre thrown in for good measure).  This is enough to do us around a day and a half.