How to clean a soiled mattress - naturally

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You know when you have kids you get much more intimately acquainted with cleaning up vomit, poo and wee than you ever thought possible. I distinctly remember getting onto my first flight to Northern Ireland with no 2 son who chose getting on to the plane as the moment to do an explosive poo which dripped out of the nappy, clothing and sling until I was covered too. The businessman who sat down beside me looked on in horror as I sat covered in baby poo until the 'fasten seat belts' sign had been switched off and I could go and clean up.
And then there was the time no1 son puked for the entire flight to Menorca. The smell was hideous and although we had a change of clothes for him, we weren't so lucky. Digusting.
Luckily, this intimacy with grossness stood me in good stead when my friends recently came to visit bringing their 2 little girls who get on famously with our boys. Our No2 son and their no2 daughter refused to keep their clothes on (as toddlers will - what's that all about?) and were happy bouncing away on our spare bed. That is, until no2 son came in and reported that his playmate had poo'd and wee'd on the bed.
Well, worse things have happened at sea. Armed with some Cheeky Wipes, and bicarb of soda, we've cleaned it until you'd never know it had happened. Here's how to deal with those 'incidents':
Dispose of any solid poo with a piece of kitchen rollSponge the wet /dirty areas with Cloth Wipes, soaked in water and washing liquid. We used Cheeky Wipes, which meant that rather than using one cloth, wringing it out and reusing, when one wipe was soiled we just chucked it into the washpile and took a new one. The wipes were also soaked in some Mucky Wipes Oil (Tea Tree & tea Tree Lemon) which is naturally anti-bacterial but also has a great fresh lemon smell.Once any stains are removed, sprinkle the wet patch with lots of bicarbonate of soda. Any smell will be absorbed by the bicarb which can be hoovered off when dry. It really is amazing and also works well on vomit too.
The mattress is as good as new and we haven't used lots of chemicals to clean it (and in any case, most of them don't remove odours but just mask them. Yuck.)
If you don't already use bicarbonate of soda to clean in your house, get some in because I've got loads of tips for how to use it to clean your house effectively which I'll share over coming months.

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