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how to soak your microfibre cheeky wipes

Microfibre Wipes - tweaking your soaking routine

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on their Microfibre wipes on Facebook - you've inspired this post!  I thought it was worth clarifying how your wipes soaking routine needs to be tweaked for hands & faces wipes, and specifically for the microfibre wipes.

Fill to the top line with water (at least)  and about 6 drops of oil

Our microfibre wipes are 'double velvet' so are VERY thick and absorbent.   Because they are SO absorbent, you'll need to double the amount of water and oil that you use to soak your wipes, otherwise they will dry out and smell musty - and wipes that smell of wet dog aren't good!

You want your wipes to be properly wet through, not just damp...wet enough that you have to give them a little squeeze out before use. 

When you've put the water in your box, remember to turn your wipes over and 'smush' them up properly so that the oil in the water is evenly distributed, as again this helps to keep them fresh.

Rinse any excess food away

This sounds obvious but if there are any lumps of food left on your wipe after removing weetabix from hair / high chair / wall, RINSE your wipe under the cold tap before putting in the washing machine.  Putting any sort of lumpy bits of food into the washing machine is never a good idea unless you want bits of food all over the rest of your washing too.  

Porridge is absolutely the worst for this - the same applies to any food though and bibs / muslins etc that might be used at meal times.

Hopefully the above tips have helped you have a better understanding of how to clean your microfibre wipes. If you have any questions you can send us a message via our email or drop us a message on social media. You can find our full range of microfibre wipes here.