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I couldn't believe I used 1000 packs of wet wipes

I couldn't believe I used 1000 packs of wet wipes

'I can’t believe I will save over 400 packets of wet wipes now I’ve switched to Cheeky Wipes!'

Molly is a busy mum to three lively boys. She hasn’t got time for complicated, but she wants to do what she can to protect the planet for her boys’ future. She realised how much waste she was creating using wet wipes and wanted to make a change.




"Challenge – to step away from disposable wet wipes, would it be too difficult?"

With my first baby, I was just glad to get through the day, pleased to get nappies on the right way up and my baby (relatively) clean and fed!

"But I often ran out of wipes and found myself dashing to the local shop to buy an overpriced emergency packet – an absolute nightmare"

By the time my third baby Stanley was due I was a bit more relaxed and able to take time to think about the environmental impact of all the disposable wipes I was using. Plus how much they were costing!

"One day I worked out how many packets of wipes I had used for my first 2 boys (almost 1000) and was horrified at the number. I wanted a better alternative for Stan"

At first, I was worried about moving away from wet wipes, they were part of my speedy routine. I thought about flushable wipes but looked online and found they still contain plastic, don’t biodegrade and cause revolting fatbergs. With my 3rd child due, I made the decision, looked online, and found Cheeky Wipes.

"Solution - Cheeky Wipes reusable wipes kit is all I need"

I ordered the reusable wipes kit from Cheeky Wipes and was delighted to find it came with absolutely everything I needed to get started right away. I had bought my last pack of wet wipes – deep breath!

"Cheeky Wipes offer an amazing 45-day money-back guarantee, so I really had nothing to lose"

Cheeky Wipes made it all so easy. My kit has 2 containers to soak fresh and mucky wipes plus 25 soft natural wipes in gorgeous colours, essential oils for the soaking solutions and two ‘out and about’ bags for clean and mucky wipes.  I unpacked my Cheeky delivery and made up my first soak solution - I was ready to go! 

"Results - it totally works – I wish I’d switched years ago"

The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous smell of the essential oils. Even the ‘mucky’ bag smelt amazing and when we went on playdates my friends would comment and ask about what I was using.

"I tell everyone about Cheeky Wipes, they’re the best baby product I’ve ever bought”.

The whole process became second nature. I always had a supply of ready to go wipes to pop in my ‘out and about’ bag – much lighter to carry than a pack of wet wipes, and one less thing to buy on my weekly shop. The first time I used a Cheeky Wipe I was surprised how effective it was at cleaning up. It didn’t smear and I managed a whole change with one wipe, very impressive. The mucky bag was easy to use and didn’t leak which was a relief. They are kind and gentle which is important to me as a mum, and I never run out!

"I noticed all signs of nappy rash disappeared as the wipes were so gentle on Stan’s delicate skin – a massive plus for me!"

I was a bit apprehensive about washing the mucky wipes, but the removable mesh bag makes it super easy to remove the mucky wipes without touching them. They come out of the wash out fresh and ready to use again – brilliant. Cheeky Wipes are now part of my new routine. I use them for Stan’s nappy changes, plus they come in handy for the older boys’ sticky faces and hands. I can’t believe how easy it is to reduce my waste and I love that I am saving time, money and the environment with every use.

"My friend is having a baby later this year. I’ve already told her about Cheeky Wipes – I wish someone had told me when I had my first baby it would have been so much easier than I thought".

“The reusable wipes show my older boys that caring for the environment is part of our way of life – I am happy that my family is part of the solution not the problem”

Make the Cheeky change like me and Stan - you’ll be glad you did.