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This week we've got a guest blog post from some local Ladies here in Seaford, East Sussex, who have started their own business 'made by' - see their facebook page here, upcycling furniture and creating gorgeous keepsakes and skirts.  Being interested in upcycling / recycling (particularly home furnishings, I love moving house!) I decided to ask them to do a blog post on how to upcycle something for your LO's nursery.....I'll hand over now to the very talented Michelle...

Hi my name is Michelle, and along with two of my friends westarted a little group called made by... It began as an excuse to spend timeaway from the children to chat and sew. As our stash of items grew, we decidedto sell them at a local craft fair.

Our crafting has always come from a needwithin our own lives first. That's how we got into up-cycling furniture as Karenhad a bit of an accident at home, her hair was badly burnt by a fire in hergrill (it could have been a lot worse!).  To cheer herself up she purchasedsome Annie Sloan paint (as you do, this is why we're friends!!!) to paint herdining chairs. Her addiction began that day and since we've all become alittle obsessed with painting and up-cycling tired and unloved bits offurniture.Cheeky wipes has kindly asked if I would share with you, alittle how-to on painting a piece of furniture.

As it happens I had just founda small bookcase that I wanted to paint for my boys room, so here we go...Here is the bookcase complete withsliding glass doors.




I love the little legs but the wood finish and glass doorsweren't going to be suitable in the room. I started by removing the doors. Atthis point I would also check for any issues within the piece. Any damp/mouldwould need to be removed and sealed. Any unwanted holes or scratches should befilled with polyfilla or similar.



The joy of the Annie Sloan paint is that NO sanding orprimer is required!! Just a little wash with sugar soap and light sanding iffiller was applied or the surface is very rough. This bookcase was in excellentcondition so I only had to sugar soap it.




Let me talk to you about this paint. It's a water basedeco-friendly chalk paint. It can be used on any type of surface- varnishedwood, metal, melamine and even stone. You will also need the Annie Sloan softwax to seal and protect the paint.For the bookcase I used the French Linen grey, as the colourdarkens when the wax is applied I mixed the paint with the old white colour, asI wanted a paler grey. I just mixed it in an old plastic tub until I had thecolour I wanted. As the paint is exposed to the air it starts to thicken so youcan add a little water to get a smoother consistency.



Next... paint. I use a synthetic large bristle brush. AnnieSloan does a large round brush but it's expensive, although the round brush isa little easier to get into the details on a more intricate piece. The coverageis amazing and a little goes along way.At this point you will need to decided the type of finish youwill want for the piece. As this was a mid-century item I wanted a good, smoothcoverage of paint with only a little bit of shabby chic roughing up. If youwant a more textured surface don't add any water and one coat may be enough.Once the wax is added any imperfections and missed bits will become veryapparent so don't be too precious and go with the flow.The paint will dry very quickly and another coat can beapplied as soon as the first coat is dry to the touch.

Once you've added asmany coats as the piece needs (For the bookacse I did two) the wax can beapplied.The wax can be applied using a brush or a cloth. I use aj-cloth. This is the hardest bit of work in the whole process, as some elbowwork is required to rub the wax into the textured surface. The wax will showany textures in the paint and some of the paint will wear back a little, againgo with it, it's not a perfect finish. The paint colour will also darken atthis point.In the second picture above, you can see the darker patch where the wax has been applied.



Using a sanding block and very light sandpaper (I used 0grade) knock back some of the edges. This is going into a boys room and willnaturally get bashed and knocked in time so I want it to look already aged. Ithen waxed a little more over the sanded areas. Sanding once the wax is appliedgives a more natural and subtle finish, it also helps to contain any dust.

 Upcycled bookcase annie sloan

Here is the finished bookcase in the boys room. We love it.I've put the glass doors away for now until the boys are older.

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