Making the switch to affordable period pants

1 May 2020  |  Admin

Reusable period protection.......?

Something you've come across of late as more and more brands enter the space, or perhaps your friends and family have started to use and talk about them?

Something you've disregarded for now as it's not what you're used to (and you can't quite get your head around using them......or the resulting washing)?

Maybe you're newly back to periods after a baby or breastfeeding, or even years into your periods but either way, looking for a more comfortable, more healthy, more eco-friendly option that saves you money and the world landfill?

Or perhaps it's not even for you but you're thinking of your daughter on the verge of getting her first period and which products to introduce her to.... After all, what we start with tends to become our default so what better time to start a new behaviour....

Here at Cheeky HQ (particularly being a mainly female staff but the men in our lives - and warehouse - genuinely get it too!) we are MASSIVE advocates for reusable period protection.

I mean, have you seen our range??

The comfort.

The ease.

The healthier feeling against your skin from no more plastic disposables and their dubious chemicals.

It became - for us at least - a bit of a no brainer. And a huge part of our passion for all things reusable is in getting more people to understand how easy it is too.

Not in a preachy do you ultimately. But we get excited by helping you discover the options available to you and learning which would best suit you and your lifestyle, washing cycle, period type, activity levels, etc.....


For the month of May - and in light of it being Teen Self Esteem Month but also World Menstrual Health Day on the 28th specifically - we wanted to put our money where our mouths are to get even more of you on board and, to that end, we're offering £10 off our hugely popular, naturally cool and absorbent Cotton Ultra pad Full Kits (now just £44.95, usual price £54.95).

Just add the kit to your basket and the discount will automatically be calculated. Easy!

The kits are a brilliant start point containing : 

  • 6 x day pads
  • 2 x night pads 
  • 2 x liners
  • A mucky box for soaking used pads in COLD water
  • A mesh bag insert for the box so used pads go straight in to soak then straight into the washing machine in the bag without you making contact
  • And a Lemon Tea Tree scented essential oil for popping a couple of drops of in the mucky box with tap water for maintaining the freshness of your pads while they're in to soak (NB It's really important to always soak reusable period protection in cold water to prevent affecting absorbency for future wear)


For how to use and care for your pads, check out some of our earlier posts : and

And if you love the idea of making the switch but aren't quite sure if pads are right for you, or which within our range to go for for what day of your period, or how many to buy based on your typical cycle our personalised questionnaire designed by our lovely Customer Services team will answer these questions and many many more with complete openness, honesty and as much straight talking as you fancy.

Jo, Ness and Erika answer every single questionnaire submitted themselves, based on their personal experiences as well as their complete insider knowledge of our range and, quite frankly, what these ladies don't know about reusable period products ain't worth knowing! Give it a go....they love hearing from everyone.


In the meantime, we'll leave our final word to Amy - a happy ultrapad kit customer and Cheeky fan

"These are so great, really comfy, so easy to use and reuse, not horrible and mucky like you think it might be with the mucky box, wash bag and oil etc. Definitely recommend to everyone. How much rubbish we could all save going to landfill and killing our planet. I wish I had known about these earlier!! If you are thinking about the switch, definitely do it, they are so good! I actually much prefer them to disposable ones and I feel like I am doing a good deed every time I get one out to wear."


<Offer runs 1st to 31st May inclusive so please don't miss out but do note it's not available in conjunction with any other discount.>






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