New Cheeky Wipes Double Wet bags - leak free wipes!

27 September 2013  |  Admin

We'll shortly be taking delivery of some fantastic new double wetbags in this gorgeous colour, to sit alongside our existing white/ multi animals design.  

We've listened to your feedback and made some improvements:

  • changed the zips for this production run, making them stronger and more robust
  • made the 'medium' size an inch large larger in height and width 

New sizes / Prices


  • Small: 20cm wide x 25cm high (8 inches x 10 inches) - £12.00
  • Medium: 25cm wide x 30cm high (10 inches x 12 inches) - £15.00
  • Large: 35cm high x 40cm high (14 inches x 16 inches) - £18.00


The bags are still waterproof, although it's worth noting that this doesn't mean you can carry dripping wet wipes without some wicking!

We recommend that when you take your wipes from your fresh box, you give them a good wring or squeeze out before placing into your bag. That way, you won't have any wicking but your wipes will still stay damp and perform perfectly.

The bags are due to arrive around 14th October but are available to pre-order now!

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