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11 November 2021  |  Admin

Ever had that feeling when you put your hand into your bag and encounter something wet and sticky?

Yep, us too.  For me, as my kids are older now, it tends to be when the lid of something has come off in my bag, creating an unholy mess. 


Thankfully our wetbags make a fab job of keeping your (potentially) mucky bits and pieces away from everything else in your bag - and we've now got them available in some fantastic new 'jungle' designs, designed by the lovely Valentina Leoni, exclusively for Cheeky Wipes.

Valentina says '''I am a visual artist who creates illustrations expressing my love of nature and people, especially women. I am very passionate about finding contrasting color combinations.

Working on the pads was really fun and it was an opportunity for my designs to be put on a product aligned with what I stand for regarding the environment and women's accessibility to sustainable options for their vital needs!"


The wet bags can be washed in the washing machine up to 40c and are a brilliant storage option for transporting washable wipes or cloth nappies when you're out and about or for nursery.

When your baby is still tiny and has a tendency for very mucky, runny nappies, it's also a brilliant idea to keep a spare sleepsuit or change of clothes in these bags.  I've been saved from having to transport a naked baby home more times than I care to imagine with this simple idea!

Perfect wetbag for eco friendly reusable wipes

A really handy and practical way to store your reusable wipes, both before use and after as it has separate pockets. Kirsty, Feb 2021


Double wetbag for period pants & sanitary pads

'Brilliant idea. The material is so soft on the outside & the layer inside will stop any worry of any worn pads or pants coming through if stored in another bag. Great idea to be able to use and carry around'. Caroline, Aug 2021

And that's not the only product that Valentina has worked her magic on....


New Storage Pods - for period pants, pads & makeup removing pads

Originally designed to hold cloth nappies, if you're looking for somewhere pretty to store clean or dirty pants, period pads or makeup removing pads, check out our NEW Midi Storage Pod.  It's the baby sister of our nappy storage pod, sized at:

  • Height 14cm
  • Width 20.5cm
  • Depth 7cm


Bamboo Reusable makeup removing pads

It's fair to say that you all love our reusable cotton pads, which are brilliant for applying toner and runny lotions like glycolic acid. 

However as my skin type is more mature as I'm heading full on towards menopause, so it tends to be on the dryer side, I'm more of an oily makeup remover fan, so these larger bamboo versions are my personal favourite. 

Switching to reusable makeup removing pads is one of the simplest eco swaps that you can make, replacing disposable face wipes and cotton wool in one fell swoop! 

They make light work of even waterproof mascara, just apply the oily cleanser to your whole face and massage it in gently. 

Then simply run the bamboo pad under warm water and use it to remove all your makeup, leaving you really well cleansed without rubbing or dragging.

We couldn't resist adding these to our range of reusable makeup removing pads, which would make fantastic Christmas Gifts!

Our cleansing pads are a brilliant alternative to more expensive products like Face Halo:

These make up removal pads are super soft on one side for sensitive areas like around the eyes and slightly rougher on the other side for when you need to scrub a bit harder.

Easy to wash. Why would you buy disposable ones when these are so easy to use? Lynda, April 2021


Also available in the 'Natural' colourway...


And Navy...


Remember these pads are also available as part of our fantastic reusable makeup removing pad gift sets too!

Size are bigger than usual cotton pad so can use half for toner in the morning then other for evening. The alpaca print is very cute and feels very soft. Seem to wash well too.

As working from home and limiting makeup wearing not yet tried using them and the coconut oil on mascara, but had been lovely as lip balm. Very happy with the investment! Sophie, May 2021

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