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Refer-A-Friend incentive : want to share some Cheeky love?

More people using more reusable products helps them, helps you, helps all of us.

We've long known that you're a loyal bunch.

You buy from us again and again.

You write such amazing reviews that make us weep (genuinely...sniff).

And you tell your friends and families (and even people you've only just met) about us.

We've always recognised that, because it's sometimes hard to get people out of a rut or to switch a habit they've always been accustomed to - or perhaps even getting them over an initial 'ick' factor around reusables, the value of a friend giving you that extra nudge of reassurance really helps.


And that's when you really come into your own on our behalf.

Your words help us grow our business and THAT is super valuable to us.

We can never thank you enough for the recommendations you spread out into the world.

So we wanted to recognise that effort on your part, in a way that was as simple as possible for you as well as for the person you recommend us to to benefit from.

(Plus we also wanted to blog about it to make sure you knew about it so you can help us tell even more of the world!)


Making it easy to pass on the love

If it's not, let's face it, why would you do it?

And if there was nothing in it for you, you could say why bother.....

So we've made it as simple as possible (we hope!)

Almost as simple as this lil man and his cheery face.



Step 1 : Tell someone about us

The link to do that will either be found in your feedback email post purchase so keep an eye out in your inbox - it will look a bit like this when you click through.

And more details can also be found at all times via the benefits page on our site -

Step 2 : Once that's done you'll each get 15% discount off your next purchase. Hey, you're both doing the leg work aren't you? Fair's fair.

And that's it......

Sharing IS caring.

Pass it on and feel the love!


For all the nitty gritty in terms of where and when you do all this lovely sharing, check out our new-look Cheeky Benefits page where you can find

  • Details about Refer-a-friend
  • A link if you fancy upgrading to VIP status if you haven't already (and let's face it free postage for life as well as other Cheeky benefits for just £9.95 as a one-off payment; it's a good idea if you're a regular customer with us)
  • If you've got some of our Loyalty points burning a hole in your virtual pocket and you need a reminder about how to earn them, the value of them, or how to spend them we have a link for you too


Everything you could desire when it comes to Cheeky Benefits can now be found here via this main Benefits page, accessible at all times via the link on the Homepage.

And remember too the team are about on Live Chat Monday to Friday 10-4 if you need to chat to a real Cheeky person just for that added reassurance.

We'd always love to hear from you.