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Our Guide to Choosing Washable Incontinence Products

Washable incontinence pants and pads - for men, women and children

If you, or someone you know has difficulty controlling their bladder or reaching the toilet in time, then we highly recommend our range of incontinence products. Incontinence is not something to be embarrassed about, a lot of people experience it, but knowing how to manage and maintain it will help make it easier. The kids pants are great for little ones who are just starting to potty train too!

"Brilliant pants. My daughter suffers from giggle incontinence and these knickers have been brilliant for her when at school. They make her feel confident and are very comfortable to wear. We have tried other brands but cheeky are definitely the best. She uses them on her period as well and stays clean and dry. I would highly recommend." Bradley, Trustpilot '22

Incontinence products come in various forms, here at Cheeky Wipes we offer: 


Reusable Incontinence Kits

Our washable incontinence kits provide complete protection, hygiene and comfort for all kinds of scenarios, including when you are asleep, taking part in sports and day to day life. 

Washable Incontinence Pads

Our specific range of incontinence pads are reusable and washable, making them very good for the environment as well as saving you money in the long run. Incontinence pads are more comfortable and absorbent than disposable ones, you can shop our full range here. 


"Great purchase This was my second order from Cheeky for their incontinence pads, as usual the parcel arrived as planned in its recyclable packaging. The pads are very comfortable and easy to use with no nasty chemicals, they wash well and don't lose their shape. They work well for my light/medium incontinence. Very impressed with quality and although the initial outlay seems more than disposable pads the long term savings are high, plus the environmental benefits of less landfill. Definitely a winner!" Scottbear, Trustpilot April '22

What’s so special about Cheeky washable incontinence pads?

  • Additional tab to grip the poppers - fantastic if you suffer with dexterity or mobility issues
  • Brushed cotton absorbent layers for fast absorption
  • Hidden waterproof layer
  • Non wick wings
  • Natural cotton core to prevent compression leaks 

Washable Incontinence Pants 


Not only are our Feeling Fearless reusable incontinence pants super comfy but they are also very stylish, providing you with protection against little accidents. A lot of new customers ask us, why should we make a switch to washable incontinence pants? We have 3 very simple reasons: 

  1. They are better for the planet 
  2. They save you money
  3. They are better for you and your hygiene!

Washing Reusable Incontinence Pants & Pads 

When it comes to washing incontinence pants and pads, there is a specific way that the process needs to be done. Thankfully though, you can wash your pants or pads into the same wash as everything else, and then wash at 30 degrees. The 4 steps for washing incontinence pants and pads are: 

  • Rinse the pants & pads 
  • Soak within 24 hours
  • Wash in a cool or cold wash at 30 degrees or lower
  • Leave them to air dry

We hope the above has helped you in choosing the right washable incontinence products, if you want to know anything else then please get in touch with us here