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Total Wipeout

Just like thousands of people in the UK, we are avid listeners of Jeremy Vine’s Radio 2 show. Earlier this month, there was a great feature on Cheeky Wipes that caught our attention and we’d like to share the details with you.


Potty Training Thought Leaders

As thought leaders in the potty-training sphere, we pride ourselves on being the first to know about the best new products on the market. Every parent knows that convenience and preparation are key when it comes to tackling those toddler milestones. The environmentally friendly Cheeky Wipes provide a great alternative to wet wipes and toilet paper.


While our Family Seats come complete with potty training accessories including a Progress Chart and Door Hanger, products like Cheeky Wipes complete the potty-training package. This means you can focus on the task at hand instead of experiencing that sheer sense of panic when you run out of baby wipes and are faced with a sticky situation.


A Range of Washable Wipes


Cheeky Wipes offer a range of cloth products, including cotton terry, bamboo or microfiber wipes to suit your preference. You should consider you want wipes for just hands and faces or bottoms too, as well as your preference for thickness, softness and price. If you live in an especially hard water area, that may impact your choice as well.


The wipes are made for ease – they are machine washable on a regular cycle with a mesh bag provided for the purpose. And there’s no need to sit around and wait for the wipes to dry. Simply re-soak them in water using the anti-bacterial Essential Oil soaking solution and you’re good to go. That’s saving a lot of precious pennies on tumble drying!


Cheeky Wipes tie in perfectly with our society’s move towards conscious consumerism, i.e. considering the ethics of every purchase before it is made. Their environmentally friendly benefits help you to do your bit to protect our planet for future generations (our kids and grandkids). It will also save you hundreds of pounds every year by relegating disposable wipes to the past.


We also love how the cloth wipes account for baby’s delicate, often sensitive skin as they are made of soft, natural materials for a gentle feel.  


On the Go 

Another major challenge for parents is setting a routine and maintaining good potty training habits on the move. We highly recommend installing the Family Seat at the grandparent’s house for convenience and to keep potty training consistent for your little ones.


Cheeky Wipes are also very travel-friendly. Your waterproof Fresh Wipes bag means that you can pop clean, damp wipes right in. If the nappies become soiled on the go, simply drop the wipes into the mesh insert in the waterproof bag and pop them in the washing machine when you get home.


Now that’s what we call parent friendly!