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Cheeky Wipes, great for sensitive skin, eczema & dermatitis

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Update 4th March - Can't quite believe that on the same day I published this blog post, a letter was published to the Australian Medical Journal about the rise in contact dermatitis caused by a preservative Methylisothiazolinone, found in many disposable wipes products. Read more about dermatitis here....


I thought it was worth taking a look at reasons to switch to Cheeky Wipes cloth baby wipes, rather than disposable wipes.  

I've suffered from eczema since I was about 5 years old and unfortunately have never grown out of it.  I'm still prone to flare ups (stress and alcohol seem to play a part in this) and as a result have always been careful what I use on my skin and washing powder etc.

When my eldest son was born, I quickly found that the eczema on my hands meant using disposable baby wipes (even the sensitive ones!) wasn't an option.  Even the sensitive skin formulations reddened and irritated my skin.

As I was using cloth nappies anyway, this prompted me to switch to cloth wipes.  Initially I soaked them in chamomile tea bags and lavender, but quickly realised that using an essential oil solution was quicker, cheaper and more convenient.

If you have sensitive skin, the best thing about Cheeky wipes is that you can even use them with just plain old water too, so they're brilliant for the first 6 weeks when your baby is newborn and midwives recommend using water only to cleanse your baby.  You simply need to only soak as many as you would use in a day as the lavender oil acts as a preservative.

Even when you do add the lavender oil, with 400ml of water and 4 or 5 drops of oil, it works out at 99.84% water to oil - just as pure as any wipe on the market!

Not Paint Stripper

I'm not saying that Cheeky Wipes are a miracle cure for eczema and sensitive skin, however they just aren't full of the chemicals used in disposable baby wipes.  I recently was FORCED to buy disposable baby wipes by a painter who wanted them to remove splashes of paint from the walls!  Now seriously, if you use them to remove paint, why would you use them on your baby's skin?



Alison Looker
04 March 2014  |  13:50

I've been using (& loving) Cheeky Wipes from the start with my second son who is now 7 months old. I just bought some of your Rose Geranium essential oil as I wanted something 'feminine hygiene' friendly as going to try & reduce loo roll usage as use cloth for most things disposable. Well, I've put it in the baby wipe mix also and I think it's really helped with nappy rash and even his newly eczema prone neck - well worth the extra cost :-)