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See Cheeky Wipes on BBC1 'the customer is always right'


Helen here!  I'm really thrilled to FINALLY be able to share this with you.  We'll be featuring in BBC1's 'the Customer is always right' programme with our reusable baby wipes kit which will screen this Wednesday, BBC1 at 3.45pm.

If you haven't seen it, the premise of the show is that they take products belonging to 3 entrepreneurs and send them 'blind' to 5 families for testing.  The families are completely varied in ages and backgrounds, so it makes for interesting viewing.  The testers 'unbox' live to camera and then open up the product and road test it, giving feedback & a score on every element, from packaging, to value for money and functionality.  At the end, the product which gets the best review wins a trophy, so there's an element of competitiveness too.

It was (obviously) shot a little while ago, back in December and January.  A camera crew came down to my house and filmed for a few hours at home, with me running through the background to Cheeky Wipes.  They also shot a bit with me and the kids hanging out and making dinner together. 

One thing that I'm SURE will be cut is when my 9 year old asked 'Is there anything more I can do to help, Mummy?  Would you like me to make you a G&T'.  Now in my book, that's a life-skill well taught, but the camera crew had a right laugh about it!

Then towards the start of January, I flew to Glasgow for the studio element.  This sees us review the feedback to the 3 entrepreneurs alongside Lucy Alexander, who was just the loveliest, friendliest lady who put us all at our ease.

I went into the day feeling a bit nervous.  I didn't know what the other products were and I was a bit worried about looking like an idiot!  But we were all in the same boat, so I decided to try and enjoy the experience and view it as a brilliant opportunity to get feedback on our wipes kits from people who have never visited our website or even likely heard of reusable wipes.

I'm not going to spoil the surprise and share what products my fellow entrepreneurs had, but suffice to say they were extremely interesting!  They both watched their reviews before me and as I watched I realised that there was a very varied bunch of reviewers, only 3 were families, alongside an older couple and a younger couple.    It also became VERY apparent as I watched that many of the reviewers didn't follow the instructions provided on the other products, which made me very wary when it came to my turn.

Sure enough, the instructions were followed in a fairly haphazard way, but there were some entertaining ideas for road testing, with the older gentleman smearing his face with choc spread to test the effectiveness of the wipes.

the customer is always right cheeky wipes 2

I'm not going to give the game away and spoil the surprise by letting you know who'll have to watch for yourself to see.

But one positive that came out of it is that we have completely redone our instructions leaflets provided with the reusable wipes kits to hopefully make them much clearer and easier to follow - if you read them of course!

All in all, it was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience which will hopefully make good viewing.  If you find yourself bored, then do feel free to watch and share it on social media on our behalf!

You can buy the reusable wipes kit featured in the programme here.

'The Customer is always right' will be screened on BBC1 at 3.45pm on Wednesday 6th May 2020.